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Why Negative SEO Matters And How It Affects Your Brand?

by Anubhav Garg
Why Negative SEO Matters

No matter how shocking it may seem, but yes, negative SEO can hamper your SEO efforts even if you don’t encounter a fall in rankings.

Well, let’s begin with what is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is the practice of using unethical techniques for affecting the rankings of your competitor. These activities are more often the off-page ones, but sometimes it may also involve hacking the site and modifying its content.

It’s like knocking out the competitor from the ranking race.

If you have competitors then this article is just for you! Why let the unethical competitors blow off your candle and shine brighter online.

Well, the only a handful of the marketers goes by organic means rest relies on spammy links or DDS (Denial of Service)

Oops, the Links are Gone!

The Googly hits when Google penalizes your website as it takes this action as your act of violation of the webmaster guidelines. The only witness to this is you.

The links that you want to view simply don’t show up because they aren’t there! Link data is important for having insights and analysis to define the ranking strategy but you end up finding that the whole data has been replaced by thousands of links.

This can affect your overall marketing strategy. Sounds terrific? Wondering whether it happens for real?

Yes, this happens for real!

Even if you happen to find the data it’s going to be a hard deal for you to identify the useful links from the clutter. That is Negative SEO for you!

Plagiarised Content

This is the most common type of negative content which is one of the old methodologies to improve the ranking spectrum. It includes the creation of a content piece for your website and syndicating it to different article websites. These sites will further repost the article and the article would link back to you. This practice is adopted by the online business to outrank you and gather the bursting traffic to their website.

This is dangerous as someone is getting access to your quality content without any kind of attribution. The links are gone and your hard work now simply breathes in the grave. Google here can’t help you and isn’t concerned about whether the traffic gets on the website or not.

De-indexing of the Website

Well, not everyone can do it. It requires expertise and if someone is adamant on his purpose of harming your website then, of course, it is possible. They may hire professional hackers to exploit their content and hosting efforts.

Hacking the website completely

This type of attack replaces your website with another web page that may contain a message or nothing at all.

These kinds of attacks welcome you absolutely out of blue. If you are prepared enough then you can definitely protect your website and reduce the cyber attacks.

What to do in case the website gets hacked?

  • Register your website with the Google Webmaster and use the tools to monitor your links. This will help you in getting an idea of whether your site was hacked or not.
  • Disavow the links you find and that seems unnatural and inform about the same to Google. If you do get penalized before this, you can send a reconsideration mail.

Tips To Prevent Your Website from Negative SEO Impact

Ensure the safety of your website by undertaking the following steps:

  • Ensure secured access to your website

Limit the access to your files and secure the admin section of the website. You can use difficult and unable to guess passwords for ensuring the security of the database. Avoid sending the login access through mails to your partners as the mails could be hacked.

  • Update the CMS

Content Management Systems should be updated regularly to avoid any bugs and for preventing exploits and hacks. Limit the use of plug-ins to just a few and prior to installing them to identify the source of the plug-ins.

  • Check the indexing of your website

You should keep a tab of the indexing of the website pages by utilizing relevant SEO tools and check whether there is a sudden drop in rankings.

Well, now you know what Negative SEO is and how it can affect the performance of your website online. Undertake the relevant measures for preventing your website from the harmful effects of negative SEO.

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