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What Matters? Total Backlinks V/s Unique Referral Domains – John Mueller

by Anubhav Garg
What Matters-Total Backlinks Vs Unique Referral Domains - John Mueller

What Matters the Most? The number of total backlinks pointing towards a domain from multiple repeating referral sites or the number of individual domains?

That’s a big question in the SEO world and everyone has their own assumptions, opinions, and visions on this matter. Some may say, the total number of backlinks should be on the higher side as they matter the most, while others say the number of unique referring domains are more valuable and help in creating importance for the linked-to website.

That’s still debatable!! What do you think about this? Comment below.

In the meanwhile, Google’s perspective on this is completely different from what we think is the most value out of both.

On a recent English Google SEO office hours hangout held on February 19, 2021, at 9 am CET in which John Mueller was accepting questions from Digital Marketing professionals for which I asked a question What matters the most: The number of unique referral backlink domains or the total number of backlinks?

What Matters-Total Backlinks Vs Unique Referral Domains - John Mueller

On which John Mueller reverted with his answer.

Mueller said:

They do not differentiate like that in their system and from his point of view they don’t focus on the total number of links to your site or to the total number of referral domains.

He also mentioned Google doesn’t really consider a number of backlinks or the number of unique referral domains to judge the importance of a website. Instead, they take that single backlink coming from a relevant website to your domain and would give more value to that.

For example, getting a link from a big news site would be considered as a valuable backlink.

This pointed to the same backlink theory and as stated by John Mueller as well, saying, one relevant and quality backlink is more valuable compared to 100s of irrelevant and low-quality backlinks.

So, it doesn’t matter even if you have millions of backlinks pointing to your site or whatever is the total number of unique referring domains, if the backlinks are not relevant they’ll not going to help you.

Hence, a single relevant link can give more strong signals in judging the importance of your website and help Google with the ways to treating that linked page.

Listen to his response in the below video.

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