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What is Sitemap? Definition, It’s Types, Uses, How to Generate Sitemap?

by Anubhav Garg
What-is-Sitemap-Definition-Its-Types-Uses-How to Generate Sitemap

What is Sitemap? Definition, It’s Types, Uses, How to Generate Sitemap?

The sitemap is a web page that contains a hierarchical representation list of all website pages designed by the website designers to make it easier for the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Etc) crawlers/bots to index all the existing website pages to make them appear in the SERP on the content-related user search queries.

What Are the Types of Sitemaps?

  1. XML Sitemap
  2. HTML Sitemap
  3. ROR Sitemap
  4. Geo Sitemap
  5. Location/KML Sitemap
  6. Image Sitemaps
  7. Video Sitemaps
  8. News Sitemaps
  9. Mobile Sitemaps

What Are the Uses of Sitemap in SEO?

A sitemap is a very important factor for any website as it helps multiple pages to get indexed in Google and other search enting with a fraction of seconds.

Also, the sitemap sends signals to web crawlers in how much time they should revisit the website pages to re-crawl and re-index the updated version of the web page to make necessary changes in the SERP Snippet result which impact directly in the rankings of web pages on targeted search terms.

The sitemap helps designers and developers to strategically create a hierarchy for the website pages and categories to make it easy for them to understand website page flow and it also helps users to quickly find the page they are looking for.

The sitemap also helps web crawlers to understand the local locations of the online businesses so they can improve their search results on locally targeted search queries related to locally offering business services and products.

How to Generate Website Sitemap for Free?

If you are using WordPress then you can use an SEO Plugin like SEO Squirrly, Yoast SEO, and others which can automatically generate sitemaps for you.

For non-CMS websites, you can use the below-mentioned tools to create SiteMaps:

  1. https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ – This tool creates, XML, HTML, ROR Sitemaps and is limited to 500 pages in FREE VERSION.
  2. https://www.geositemapgenerator.com/ – This tool creates Location and GEO Sitemap for single and multiple business locations.

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