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What is On-Page SEO? / Search Engine Optimization

by Anubhav Garg
what is on page seo

What is On-Page SEO Optimization? On-Page SEO Optimization is a technique of Search Engine Optimization which helps to increase the natural/organic rankings of a website/blog in the Search Engine Result Pages. Under On-Page SEO Optimization, websites are optimized from their internal sections which include upgrading of website designing structure for both Desktop and Mobile Screen sizes, coding, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Content, Schema, etc. Which are completely in the hand of an SEO professional and can optimize according to him/her for better results.

List of All On-Page SEO Activities

Integrations Meta Tags Optimization
Google Analytics Page Title Optimization
Google Search Console URL Optimization (Re-Writing)
Bing webmasters Meta Description Optimization
Facebook Pixels Meta Keywords Optimization
Page Loading Speed OG Tags Optimization
HTML Compression DC Tags Optimization
JS Compression Canonical Tag Implementations
CSS Compression Image Optimization – Image Alt Tags
Image Compression Image Title Tags
Gzip Compression Heading Tags Optimization
Core Web Vital Integrations Web Page Content Optimization
Schema Markups Voice Search Command Optimization
FAQ Schema Markup Page Content Optimization
Price Schema Markup Web Page Keywords Optimization
Location Schema Markup Page Loading Speed Optimization
Review Schema Markup Keyword Density Check
JSON-LD Schema Internal Linking
Product Schema Markup Contextual Linking
SiteMaps Conversion Rate Optimization
XML SiteMap Sticky Live Chat Plugin Mobile/Web
HTML SiteMap Sticky one Click Call Button Mobile/Web
ROR SiteMap
GEO SiteMap

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