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What Is Guest Posting/Post in SEO?

by Anubhav Garg
What Is Guest Post-Posting in SEO?

What Is Guest Posting/Post in SEO? Guest Post or Guest Posting is a type of Content Marketing practice in which the original writer of an article outreach to third-party websites, blogs, news channels, or niche-based domains to allow him to publish his article as a Guest Writer on their portals. The published article hence becomes a guest post for the original writer and the original writer becomes the guest author for the site his/her article got published on.

What is the Purpose of Guest Post/Posting?

There can be multiple purposes of becoming a guest author or publishing a guest post on third party domains and some of the major purposes are mentioned below:

  1. First Purpose of Guest Post: Some guest authors outreach different blogs and websites owners or content marketing departments to publish their content in order to stronger their online profiles to represent themselves as an industry expert in order to get exposure.
  2. Second Purpose of Guest Post: Some guest authors do outreach to publish content on third party domains in order to get backlinks to their landing page in order to get higher rankings on Google Search on their targeted keywords. Such guest posts sometimes are paid.

What are the Benefits of Guest Post?

Guest post is a great way to boost the online presence of a brand or person and guest posting has three-way benefits for

  • Guest Author: They get exposure as the author name gets published on multiple authority sites which creates exposure opportunities.
  • Publishing Site: The publishing site get good quality and well-researched content to publish for their regular audience which keeps them engaged and help them get good knowledge and information on the topic.
  • Linked Back Website: Guest posts help linked back website to gain authority which helps in improving its rankings in the major search engines so they get more brand exposure and business leads.

How to Find Guest Post Opportunities on Third-Party Domains?

To find the opportunities for the guest post you need to first figure out the blogs or websites you want to publish your content on.

Once the list is ready you can reach out to them with your guest post pitch with a short description of the article you want to publish with the purpose of publishing and how it can be beneficial for their reading audience.

You can generally reach out to site content or editorial teams at guestpost(@) domain name(dot)com, editor(@) domainname(dot)com, content(@)domainname(dot)com, etc.

What are the Top/Popular Industries for Doing Guest Post?

There are many popular industries website owners who receive regular pitches for guest post submissions and some of them are listed below.

  1. Healthcare
  2. Technology
  3. Home Improvement
  4. Education
  5. Business
  6. Real Estate
  7. Fashion
  8. Fitness
  9. Casino/CBD/Gambling

What are the Metrics To Measure To Identify a Good Guest Posting Site?

The companies offer guest post services measure below shared matrices in order to identify of the third-party site is good enough to outreach o submit a post on and some of the criteria are:

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Total Number Of Backlinks Coming To That Third-Party Domains
  3. Total Number Of Unique Domains Pointing To Third-Party Site
  4. Number Of Keywords On Which Third-Party Site Ranking On Google
  5. Total Monthly Traffic Coming To That Site
  6. Number Of Pages Indexed In The Google
  7. Frequency Of Article/Content Publication On That Third-Party Site
  8. Trust Flow
  9. Spam Score

What Are Some Popular Sites Accept Guest Posts?

Almost all popular sites accept guest posts to their portal but they all have certain content requirements to fulfill and if the content meets all the criteria it will be approved for publication after that only. Some of those sites are:

  1. Forbes: ideas@forbes.com
  2. Business Insider: editors@businessinsider.in
  3. VentureBeat: guestposts@venturebeat.com
  4. The Huffington Post: arianna@huffingtonpost.com
  5. OutBrain: guestblog@outbrain.com
  6. Lifehack: submissions@lifehacker.com

How Can I Do Guest Posting?

Doing guest posting is not everyone’s cup of coffee as it requires a lot of time investments in finding the good resources, multiple email follow-ups, putting every single merchant profile in it’s specific content industry along with the cost they demand for publishing and a lot of things.

So the process goes like:

  1. Finding the industry specific domains
  2. Performing analysis on terms like total backlinks referral domains, organic monthly traffic, number keywords website/blog ranks for, domain trust flow.
  3. Creating a pitch email by asking for the price they ask for publishing Guest Post or PR content.
  4. Asking for Negotiations (If Possible) Generally established sites have fixed pricing.
  5. Putting the resource in an excel file so you can remember the asking price by the merchant and adding your percentage of profits.

So these 5 points may look like just 5 points but practically implementing them may take months of hard work.

What is Your Opinion of SEO Guest Posting?

My personal opinion on SEO guest posts is very positive. At my digital marketing company we do a lot of outreach to bloggers, news portals and have created the most extensive list of sites that accept guest post in multiple niche domains and have delivered 100% results.

But, like I mentioned before, it needs a lot of hard work and is a bit time consuming practice.

More details will be coming soon…

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