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What is Gray Hat SEO?

by Anubhav Garg
What is Gray Hat SEO

What is Gray Hat SEO?

What is Gray Hat SEO? It is a technique in Search Engine Optimization, which stands in the middle of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques. This SEO strategy/technique is the most effective and suitable for almost all types of websites, which can bring you good results without any harm. Though Gray Hat SEO techniques are less effective than White Hat SEO but can reduce the chances of penalization by any algorithm update to an extent, which is mostly in a Black hat.

A Fact: Most of the website owners, who perform SEO on websites by their own or taking SEO services from a Digital Marketing consultant are not aware of the fact that, they are also using Gray hat SEO techniques/strategies. Mainly because this term is not clearly defined and this is something neither White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO.

For example:

Situation #1: A “general category blog” is linking to a “website” which is relevant to a “particular topic”.

Situation #2: The same “general category blog” is asking for a fee to link back to the “same website” from the same “particular topic”.

Here, the situations are in favor of Google’s guidelines (for earned links) and are against of Google’s guidelines (for paid links) respectively. But the things can also be like, if the visitors from “general blog” find “linked to website” useful for the information on that “particular topic”, even if, it is a paid link. Then What???? Will Google consider it Black Hat or White Hat!! No IDEA!!!

This is the situation to which we can call Gray Hat, which can either increase your number of visitors or can either decrease them and that’s why it is crucial to understand Gray HAT SEO techniques from deep for a successful SEO campaign.

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