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What is Gated Content? Gated Content Definition, Examples, Limitation

by Anubhav Garg

Gated Content is basically a data collection strategy through which website visitors are forced to fill out an unskippable form after which they will be allowed access to the inside material (PDF, Whitepapers, Test Series, Article Content, Images, and Videos)  of a website or for any specific web page. The Gated Content strategy is widely used for the purpose of data collection and leads generation which can further be used for multiple marketing practices.

Gated Content Website Examples:

  • Telegraph dot co dot uk is one of those such portals which use the Gated Content method in order or to allow users to read its content and get access to other materials. Here’s the screenshot Dated (16th January 2021) which in which you can clearly see the Popup which is unskippable and users have to register in order to proceed further.

What is gated content-gated content example1

  • Independent dot co dot uk is another website that asks for registration in order to collect users data in order to allow them a further reading of the content available on their website and below is the screenshot for the same Dated (16th January 2021)

What is gaten content-gated content example2

  • WashingtonPost dot com another good example of Gated Content websites that use this strategy for the leads generation purpose and ask for monthly memberships like the above examples. Here’s the screenshot Dated (16th January 2021)

What is gated content-gated content example3

Gated Content Important Form Fields to Include:

Generally, the form fields of Gate Content can be based on the types of data required for a specific purpose. But, if we talk about all worthy fields to include then, they could be like:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Contact Number
  4. Profession
  5. Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)
  6. Country

While putting this strategy, it is advisable to either include all the above form fields or use just specific fields that are required for the data collection. Also, try to keep the Gated Content Form as short as possible and that is the key through which maximum conversions can be generated.

Limitations of Gated Content Strategy:

Every coin has two sides! The Gated Content strategy comes with some limitations though that are unskipped if you thinking of implementing this strategy on your portal and some of the limitations are mentioned below.

  • Increase Website Bounce Rate:

Nobody wants to give extra effort when they know they can find other resources with ungated content ad hence they bounce back quickly when they see a U/I blocking them from reading the material which is behind the walls.

  • Not 100% Suitable for Products and Service Offering Websites:

The Rule of Thumb cannot be applicable to everything and like the same way integrating Gated Content on websites that offer services is not at all beneficial because on such portals users want to read about your services in order to create a judgment if they want to contact you or not.

Like the same way for any product selling or e-commerce store, you just can’t hide the product pricing, descriptions, images, etc. because that is a priority for the user to see that content before they make a purchase decision.

  • Backend Content Becomes Non-Crawlable for the Search Bots:

That’s a major flaw or limitation of using Gated Content. Whatever you have behind the walls is non-Crawlable for the search engine crawlers, hence they can’t fully understand the matter of the page and the information it stores.

  • Impact Search Engine Ranking:

If your content becomes non-crawlable then how can you expect the ranking? Let’s keep aside some exceptional cases like Forbes, NYTimes, BusinessStandards, and MoneyControl kind of portals because they have a search engine reputation, and getting rankings on any topic even with Gated Content is not rocket science for them.

But, if you have a blogging portal or if you are into the education sector selling test series or allowing visitors to get access to materials only after filing up the gated content form then it can be worth it and you can get maximum conversions through this form.

The Bottom Line Is – Google also wants you to be User-Friendly.

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