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Top 5 Unbeatable Tools for Creating SEO Content

by Anubhav Garg
Top 5 Unbeatable Tools for Creating SEO Content

Top 5 Unbeatable Tools for Creating SEO Content

Every SEO needs a complete toolbox for defining the SEO strategy framework. In the absence of which, it becomes impossible to gather complete insight and fulfill the marketing goals.

Choosing the right SEO tool depends upon the intention to use the data. Understanding the context accounts for the major step than executing the strategy and this is why utilizing the right tools is important to ramp up the content game.

Staring at a blank document for hours can lead to frustration and ultimately the closure of the workbook. The mind is occupied with ideas, it just needs organization.

Here are 5 Unbeatable Tools for Creating a Great SEO Content:

SEO Content Tool #1: Trello

Trello helps in organizing the ideas flowing in your mind. When ideas rain, it is important to protect the winners from falling through the cracks, i.e., noting down the important points is important to create a perfect and engaging piece of content. On Trello, you can make a list of your ideas and collaborate with your teammates to add some more points to it for creating concrete content.

SEO Content Tool #2: Feedly

Content creators often find themselves running out of ideas and topics to write content. Feedly helps in monitoring the issues milling in the particular industry and let peep into what top influencers are discussing. The blogs can be sort by topics and categories.  The writers can use the ideas discussed to create a complete piece by lending it a fresh turn.

SEO Content Tool #3: Answer the Public

This tool is free for writers to explore various topics in the niche. The platform displays the map of keywords and the possible questions with forecasts. There is a limit to its use each day and can be lifted up with $ 100 a month.

SEO Content Tool #4: Grammarly

Do you remember those grammar rules from 8th grade English?

No one does.

But this can’t be taken as an excuse for creating a content piece replete with errors. This is where Grammarly comes to rescue. You can create the post and get it to proofread on Grammarly for creating an error-free and impactful content.

SEO Content Tool #5: Wordle 

With every content piece you produce, it is backed by a well-defined SEO strategy. You can write posts equipped with certain keyword density. Once your article is checked, edited, and optimized finish it up with a great heading and publish it.

Writing articles that challenge and engage the readers is a hard nut to crack if it isn’t backed by a great content strategy. Becoming an authority in your profession requires research and you can utilize these tools to create a proof-read and engaging content.

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