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The 10 Best SEO Companies of India 2021

by Anubhav Garg
The 10 Best SEO Companies of India 2021

Search Engine Optimization is the most popular type of digital marketing practice in India that almost every business owner is looking for the promotions of their business online and the hunt for the best SEO Indian Companies in 2021 has eventually taken a peak after the covid19 pandemic.

ICYM: In 2019, the Indian advertising industry was valued at over 684 billion Indian rupees and it was projected to reach up to 1.3 trillion rupees by 2025.

The possible reason for this huge advertising spend could be the 2020 Pandemic. I visited multiple local shop owners that are selling Clothing, Groceries, Salons, Pet Care, and Groomers, and even Fruit Juice vendors are now looking for someone to help them with their business online visibility, remarketing and customer retention.

I investigated further to check what they think could be a better digital platform for their business promotions and I got some shocking responses.

Many of the cloth vendors said WhatsApp is one of the best ways for them to interact with their regular and new customers. Wholesalers in the market also using WhatsApp to send images of the new collection to retailers which makes it easier for retailers to make a bulk purchase decision.

While a majority of the retail clothing store owners said: Placing business on Google My Business and having a locally based eCommerce website could help them in bringing new customers.

The case was almost same with other local outlets I visited, but the grocery stores I found them one step ahead of other local businesses.

How? majority of the grocery stores are using WhatsApp to send the latest offers to regular and new customers and they store customers’ numbers in their billing software whenever a new customer makes a purchase. Below is an example of the same.

But the most frequent answer by all local vendors was they were looking to expand their legs in online marketing that can bring regular calls, online orders, and customers to their local store for which SEO is the only way possible because it allows audience-specific targeting through the website and optimizing google my business can lead to bringing amazing results for the business.

I also notice some store owners were not that much educated or aware about the online marketing practices or I would say the actual terminologies because I got responses like;

Google mai jab kooch search karte han to uppar results ate han, vahan promotion kase karvana hoat hai? My simple answer to them was. Dude That’s SEO..!

The conclusion is, people are looking for SEO companies in India or maybe locally-based SEO companies to help them get their offline store to the vastly spread locally targeted online world below I have shared some top SEO companies in India for 2021 any local business owners can reach out to get help with their business online marketing.

The 10 Best SEO Companies of India 2021:

  • SEO Service in India (2021 Best SEO Company for Local SEO of any industry in Country + Content Marketing + Link Acquisition + Advanced SEO On-Page Practices) | Visit: https://seoserviceinindia.co.in
  • MysticDigi (2021 Best SEO Company for National & Internation SEO + Content Marketing) | Visit: https://mysticdigi.com
  • SEO Consultant India (2021 BEsT SEO Company for eCommerce, Universities, Finance, Healthcare, Law Firms, Insurance Industry SEO, Photographers SEO, Real Estate) | Visit: https://seoconsultantsinindia.com
  • Techmagnate (2021 Best SEO Company for the eCommerce Websites + PPC) | Visit: https://www.techmagnate.com/
  • Page Traffic (2021 Best SEO Company for backlink acquisition) | Visit: https://www.pagetraffic.com/
  • EzRanking (2021 Best SEO Company for Guest Blogging) | Visit: https://www.ezrankings.org/
  • SEOExpertsIndia (2021 Best SEO Company for Voice Search) | Visit: http://www.seoexpertsindia.com/
  • DigitalBerge (2021 Best SEO Company for PPC + Link Acquisition) | Visit: https://www.digitalberge.com/
  • eSearchLogix (2021 Best SEO Company for Mobile App Marketing) | Visit: https://www.esearchlogix.com/
  • RankHigher (2021 Best SEO Company for Brand Building) | Visit: https://www.rankhigher.in/

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