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by Anubhav Garg
Guest Post Submission Guidelines - Search Engine Stream

Search Engine Stream welcome individual publishers, influencer’s and new talents in the Digital Marketing industry, who are edged to share their knowledge, experiences, researchers, innovative ideas and useful tips and tricks in SEO, SMO, PPC, Content, Online Earnings. The submissions can be in the form of “texts” must contain example images, “Infographics” with proper information; Not Stories!!, “Videos” with complete transcripts, “Case Studies” and “Interviews”.

Article length does not matter because our aim is to provide useful, executable, and actionable information to our readers and subscribers. To fulfill that criteria we accept submissions from only those contributors who are working in the profile for which they are writing or applying for submissions.

All submissions are checked by our editorial department at 3 levels checking which includes; Initial/first level Check – for post title and description If Passed, then comes to the Middle/Second level check – for Content and Information provided, If Passed, then comes to the final step i.e. Higher/Third level check – for example images and other grammatical issues. If the case, your content gets rejected by any of these three levels, we will not publish your article.

Not a Reason to get disappointed!! Our editors will revert you back with the improvements needed for your submission and you can re-apply for it once the suggested improvements are done. But make sure to improve your submissions before re-applying a second time, if the publication gets rejected again, then it will not be published on the board anymore.

Editorial Policy

Though we do not have any word limit criteria for articles, we have some strict submission policies that must be followed by every contributor before applying or submitting a guest contribution.

  • We have the authority to remove any article or submission which includes any type of self-promotion, links, text.
  • We have the authority to edit your content headings and titles if needed.
  • Plagiarized or spun articles are strictly not allowed and the contributors with only original content are accepted.
  • Article published on the board should not be published elsewhere, without permission and if found, we are authorized to claim that content as per Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) standards.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, then please shoot us a mail at this mail address editor@searchenginestream.com along with the title “Application for Guest Contribution“. Please make sure to add the below-mentioned points in the mail:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Complete Author Bio
  • Profile Image (Use this: https://en.gravatar.com )
  • Current Working Designation
  • Employer Name with Website URL
  • Social Profile URLs
  • Original Document of Content

We are looking forward to receiving interesting and informative stuff from independent contributors with an aim to make this web more useful for industry experts and newbies.


Search Engine Stream

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