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SEO in the Time of Crisis: Analysis, Planning and Website Traffic

by Anubhav Garg
SEO in the time of Crisis Analysis, Planning and Website Traffic

The pandemic has shaken the economical structure completely and has impacted every business in one way or another which leads to lower website traffic and the leads generation.

With COVID-19 becoming the new normal, the world is aimed at adopting a broader view to navigate these marketing challenges and streamline the things for making crucial marketing decisions.

The businesses are completely perplexed about the investment opportunities in the time of crisis. With the surge in adopting the online marketplace, SEO emerged as a ray of hope in grabbing the lost business pace.

Google, regarded as the undisputed king of search marketing, the businesses used to spent dollars in search engine marketing for creating content, distributing, and engaging with the customers, halting which lead to a drastic drop in organic reach.

Customer-Centric Approach for Higher Website Traffic

With SEO gabbing limelight, the brands shifted to more of a customer-centric approach and shifted from SMO to SEO to increase their visibility online, get more website traffic and engage with their followers and the targeted audience. Instead of vying for global attention, the focus of brands shifted to hyper-targeting.

Whereas SMO pushes the content into the people’s feed, SEO works by optimizing the content to get noticed by the targeted audience whenever a search is conducted and which is the best source to generate higher website traffic.

According to Ahrefs’s analysis “53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search.”

As the organizations are buckling down to remain ahead of the game in the time of crisis, they are aiming towards establishing a strong business presence through SEO and staying relevant to the customer’s changing demands and behavior online.

With brick and mortar stores forced to shut down in the crisis, shifting to the online mode of marketing has become more important than ever. Customers are now relying more on the online platform for shopping and are searching for the best deals.

Time to Invest in SEO for Visibility and Website Traffic

This is the time for the brands, small & mid-sized businesses to invest in SEO and improve visibility and website traffic. The brands should also note that most of the growth occurred during a crisis like pandemic is on mobile phones. It is important to have a mobile application or a mobile-optimized website for flooding in sales.

According to a report by Statista, “traffic rates for online supermarkets have increased by 4%, online fashion merchants saw a 6.1% jump, and online pharmacies saw over a 15% jump since March 13, 2020”

Before utilizing the SEO for bringing in more traffic, the brands need to focus on how can you enhance the user experience?

The people who are searching for the business in this phase, what brands can do to make their experience a good one? Search Console data tells a lot about customer’s behavior online, what they are searching online for a brand, and how much website traffic you can expect. It can help in making an integrated SEO strategy.

Content and social media presence should be the focus of the brands in the time of crisis for gaining maximum engagement and traffic. High-quality customer experience will help you maximize sales and lay the foundation for future conversions.

According to Statista, Europe has recorded a drastic increase in the fashion and accessories sale in May amid the pandemic.

The brands need to forge different ways to engage with their customers and prospects, learn more about their interests and concerns during the time of social distancing and isolation.

The businesses need to remain at the top of the trends and rapidly changing customer behavior. One can utilize Google trends and Analytics for diversifying the SEO strategy and targeting every funnel of marketing efficiently.

The customers are perplexed right now about the demands and the needs, the brands should focus on creating the need for their product. The marketing strategy needs to be future-oriented apart from creating a strong customer base in the time of crisis.

This is how a customer completes a purchase process online. The brand needs to excel on every parameter for a successful sale. Why should be a customer be interested in a brand?

What is the unique selling feature? Having a complete idea about it can help the brands to develop a successful marketing strategy and bring in sales.

As Tom Fishburne says “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing” a business needs to know the customer’s behavior online and develop a product or service strategy that piques the interest of the customer. It is time to infuse innovation in marketing.

It is a campaign by Zomato, which is bound to attract customers.

Why? Because the customers will relate better and are bound to convert. A crisis is an opportunity for the customers; it’s just that they are unaware of it.

The brands should focus on engaging with the customers and know about the needs. Connecting with the customers on different channels across organic, paid, and email and maintaining a strong presence online is the main deal to crack in the economic crisis.

The brands should focus on content and social media strategies for engaging with their customers and attracting new ones. Utilizing paid ads is an efficient strategy to stay connected with your potential customers.

Creating key ads for demographics on social media or on the platform the businesses want to target can help in improve rankings online for various competitive keywords.

Picking up the pain points, interests, and analyzing the complete journey of a buyer will help a business sustain the crisis wave in the face of a rapidly changing business market.

Being discoverable online is important but it is crucial in the phase of the crisis. Around 95% of the searches go to the first page; this fact demonstrates why SEO is crucial in a time of the crisis.

It is a smart investment that fuels a brand’s short-term goals and long-term goals and helps the brand sustain stiff competition online.


The world is eying positivity and advancement in the marketing structures. Consulting an experienced SEO Company India can prove to be an important weapon in rationalizing the business’s expectations in the hour of crisis and provide a futuristic hold for uncovering the opportunities and increase revenue scale for battling any unforeseen phase. Innovation, engagement, and revising the marketing strategies are the route to success.

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