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Learn 5 Major Tips To Gain Google Search Trust- All Under 3 Minutes

by Anubhav Garg
Understand Google Better Learn 5 Major Tips To Gain Its Trust- Under 3 Minutes

Google is one of the most used search engines in the world. If we talk numbers, a report published in February 2021 discloses that Google holds 86% of the search market whereas its rivals like Yahoo (2.71%) and Bing (6.7%) hold shares that aren’t even worthy enough to get compared with the share held by Google.

But why these numbers are relevant for this discussion?

Why optimize your content according to Google?

Because this trend helpful for a webmaster or website owner when it comes to search engine optimization or SEO in short.

It is well known that a website owner craves traffic on his website and thus he won’t be optimizing his website as per the search engines which do not get any traffic. It will always be choosing the path more taken by the internet users i.e. GOOGLE.

The main purpose of SEO is to rank higher in SERPs and I think every SEO specialist in India or the world must be agreeing to this fact. But how Google (a search engine) index a webpage on SERPs? Here is my observation: I think it follows the theory of popularity.

This theory states that people consider popular things superior to unpopular things. Let me explain why I am linking this theory with Google working principles.

It is known that Google does not share its ranking factors which it considers to rank a website on SERPs but many SEO specialists claim that Google often ranks that content higher which it finds relevant.

How Google can decide what is relevant to a query?

Google does have a brain, right?

Indeed not. Though Google does not have a brain, it has been built to read every pattern that occurs on the internet.

When it comes to relevancy, here are the factors that become useful for Google:

  1. What content most of the people pick for the same query.
  2. The content which popular entities in the same niche support.

Looking at these two options it would be a good argument to hurl that one can impact these two factors only by making Quality content which is often termed as “The King of SEO”.

So, How do you make Quality Content for SEO?

Well, here are some tips you can employ in your writing to make it Quality content:

  1. Write for Search engine but never write only for the engine. Your first priority should be your audience.
  2. Make headlines that pique people’s interest.
  3. Entice crawlers with keyword-rich content.
  4. Say NO to Unorganized content! Nobody likes them.
  5. Say Yes to Imagery! Everybody likes them.

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