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Know About the Features You Getting In Website Designing

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Know About the Features You Getting In Website Designing

Every company charges a different price for designing a website; some companies are flexible in their costing, while others charge a high price for their services.

However, there are some genuine approx amounts for CMS website design, so we will explain how much price should be for developing a website and what features are included in that package. In short we will talk about the CMS website designing cost and features. 

CMS Based Website Designing Cost and Features

Website designing cost totally depend on the features of your website like first you have to decide no. of pages of your website then it have two criteria first one page design and second one page development then web page content after that logo designing But overall for website design approx.

Cost 100$ to 700$ include all features according to the no. of pages and other services as well.

How Many Pages A Website Should Have?

First we have to recognize that we are writing for basically two audiences on our website.

  • Visitors
  • Search engines

Visitors (Human Visitors Like Simple)

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Events
  • Photo Gallery
  • Get Involved
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Us

Search Engines(Search Engine Want More N More Content)

  • Make sub-categories for your Services page.
  • Why Choose Us?
  • Who We Serve
  • Articles/Blog
  • Contact us

Webpage Design

Web design is the process of establishing the appearance of a web page, including the selection of a suitable colour scheme, page layout, typefaces, and other elements. Each web page on a website has its own unique content, but they all have the same graphic design. All of these different styles, layouts, graphics, and so on.

Webpage Development

Web development is the part of creating a website for the Internet (WWW) or private network “Web development” is a term used by Web professionals to define the non-design parts of creating websites, such as writing markup and coding.

Web Page Content

The written and auditory or visual content published on the website is mention to as web content. Text, software, photos, archived e-mail messages, data, e-services, audio and video files, and other creative elements are examples of content. Driving traffic to a website is really important; the text file contains text and markup code that contains how to display the content.

Logo Designing 

The motive of logo design is to create the perfect visual brand symbol for a company. A logo usually consists of a symbol or brand mark, a logotype, and a tagline, depending on the type

  • Your logo should be instantly recognizable.
  • A good logo should be memorable
  • An excellent logo can be utilized in a variety of sizes and colors’.


This is the entire explanation of the services you will receive in website designing cost, in the hopes that it will assist you in deciding on the style of website you want and the features you want in your website.

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