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Key Trends In SEO 2021: How They Will Impact the Businesses?

by Anubhav Garg
Key Trends In SEO 2021 How They Will Impact the Businesses

With SEO being unprecedented all these years, the changing marketing situation is inviting debates from all over the world.

Over the last decade, SEO has changed many folds and seems to lock steps with cutting-edge technologies. In this post, I have covered the most important Key Trends In SEO 2021 that can impact the search results and user’s search trends as well.

Technologies like Voice Assistant, Artificial intelligence, and mobile-friendliness have revolved around the overall marketing scenario in recent ages. Thousands of businesses are still in force to combat the Covid-19 Wave. In the midst of this, SEO practices have evolved and witnessing major changes.

With this Being the Situation, What SEO looks like in 2021?

With BERTT and EAT algorithm updates in 2020, the year 2021 stores surprises in terms of SEO. Marketing is gradually becoming a game of automation, and the world is going digital. Here are some of the key SEO trends to witness in SEO:

Local SEO

Local SEO Key Trends for 2021

Local SEO Key Trends for 2021

According to Nectafy, “88% of searches of local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.”

It is true with a pandemic, local SEO has witnessed a drastic fall, But Google continuously updating the algorithm regarding local search and how the results get revealed on SERP.

Local Businesses can wait no more to combat the competition. Track your local competitors and work with reviews to utilize the best of Local SEO.

Search Intent

Search Intent SEO Key Trend for 2021

BERT update based on understanding the search query launched in 2020, is the clear indication of SEO has in store in 2021.

With BERT, the search engine will become more conversational. The stress is on interpreting the intent.  With this, Voice Assistance and voice searches are going to be the prominent force in 2021.

The businesses will need to optimize their keyword strategy instead of voice searches. It is going to be a great factor to witness in 2021.

High-Quality Content

High Quality Content Key SEO Trend for 2021

“Content is still the King in SEO”. The updates may come and go, but the importance of content in SEO will remain phenomenal.

With the latest Google updates like BERT and May Core update, the content has become furthermore critical in regulating the marketing scenario. Long and high-quality content is going to rule the SEO in 2021.

Voice Search

Voice Search SEO Key Trend for 2021

With Chabot and artificial intelligence becoming prominent, Voice search accounts for the latest and most important trend in SEO 2021.

Voice search examples, like Google Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have transformed the keyword strategy. The marketers and the businesses need to adopt a broader perspective and optimize the website for long-tail keywords.

Being specific with the words and the search intent are the key aspects for leading the game of voice.  For ranking for the “near me” searches, include the correct address or location for your local listing.

Avoid using a duplicate address, as there are fewer chances of appearing in the search results then.

Rich Snippet

Rich Snippet SEO Key Trend for 2021

Rich Snippet has a higher click-through rate (CTR). The content of the Rich Snippet follows the clicks. A webpage with clear and to the point information is bound to rank in a rich snippet.

It is the best strategy to gain more traffic, clicks, and conversions. Using Question and answer pages, providing the best and lengthy answers, intent, and industry research can help a business rank in a rich snippet.

EAT Concept

EAT Concept SEO Key Trend for 2021


The EAT stands of Expertise, Authority and Trust update rolled out in 2020, stresses upon the authority and expertise of the content posted on a website.

EAT was launched for providing users with apt, authoritative, and trustworthy content online. Google loves only relevant, fresh, and proven data.

Therefore, if a website has content that does not support fact or is not trustworthy, it is bound to slip in SERP rankings. Yes, content is becoming more powerful than ever.

Social Listening

Social listening is monitoring the brand‘s social media handles. It involves tracing customer feedback and direct mentions of the brand.

Social Listening includes discussions, monitoring a specific keyword, and the competitor relevant to your industry.

The technique can help new businesses in expanding the reach and gaining brand recognition online. The best ways of doing this are finding the Guest posting opportunity and Understanding your competitors and their marketing strategy.

Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile First Indexing SEO Key Trend for 2021

In terms of SEO, mobile-first indexing is going to be the biggest trend. With 90% of the world using smartphones, it has become fairly crucial for brands to optimize for mobile.

With Google switching to mobile-first indexing, preference will be ranking the mobile version of a website. Websites having a bad mobile version are bound to slip in rankings. There will be increased demand for a mobile version of a business online in the 2021 realm.

Furthermore, the rise of semantic searches and zero-click searches is on the rise too. It will be interesting to see how these changes in SEO transform the marketing strategy of future businesses.

The businesses would need an SEO Expert India to combat the ever-changing SEO market scenario. One thing is confirmed, that in 2021, SEO is going to be full of surprises!

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