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What Can Be The Reason For The Sudden Fall In Traffic?

by Anubhav Garg
I Used To Get Twice As Many Visitors. What Can Be The Reason For The Sudden Fall In Traffic

Every business wants to earn sales and leads online. Encountering a sudden drop in traffic can be nothing less than a nightmare. But the question is what can be the reason behind the sudden traffic fall?

There can be many reasons for encountering a sudden drop in traffic.

Here are some common Reason For The Sudden Fall In Website Traffic:

Algorithm Updates

It is an undeniable fact that Google releases multiple updates throughout the year for improving the search results. To know whether your website has been impacted by the sudden algorithm change is to keep an eye on the confirmed changes made by Google. Analyze the websites that have been affected the most, try establishing a correlation between them, and check whether your website falls within the same perimeters?

Lost Links

Believe it or not, but yes, lost links affect your authority online and hence lead to a drop in rankings and traffic. You can check the lost links utilizing the free SEO link checker tool. If you encounter lost links after analysis, then this can be the reason for sudden traffic drop. Consider replacing the lost links with the new ones.

XML Sitemap Changes

The URLs that return a 200 response are indexable and should be visible in your sitemaps. The changes in the site map can lead to fluctuations in traffic.  Analyze your site map structure if your website has 200 pages and sitemap shows only 50, then you need to re-submit it using Search Console.

De-indexed URLs

Are your important pages indexed properly? The Deindexing bug reported removing the important pages from a website overnight. If the URLs of those pages are not available, this can be the reason for a massive traffic loss. Use the Search Console and URL Inspection Tool for checking the indexing of the important pages.

Page Speed

When did you last check your website’s page loading speed? How fast your page loads?

Website pages that take longer to load lead to an increase in bounce rate. Check your website page loading speed using SEO tools and optimize it for better performance.


A manual action can be issued against your website if the user found the content that is against the Webmaster’s guidelines. You can check whether your traffic has been affected by manual actions by using manual action report in Search Console.

Watching a drop in traffic is disheartening, but grabbing the root cause can help you re-position your lost rankings and traffic.  SEO Consultant India investigates every possible avenue and help in discovering the cause of traffic fall quickly with potential solutions to fix it.

Hosting Server IP Change in DNS

Well, this could be a serious headache for you if you see a traffic fall but none of the above points worked for you.

Answer me one thing, did your domain renewal get delayed because of which your website started showing Server Error?

If that happened with you, then do to your website DNS settings and see if you have the correct hosting IP address in the “@” record.

It happens, whenever a domain gets expire the hosting company put a default IP address which points to a server error, and if crawlers crawled your website during this error period then as usual your website will get deindexed and you will lose all your rankings and traffic.

So, just be relaxed because your website did not get with a Penalty.

Just put your hosting IP address in DNS and check back after 1-2 hrs and everything will be in place.

Also, make sure to resubmit the sitemap in the Search Console.

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