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How Zero-Click Searches Impact SEO?

by Anubhav Garg
How Zero-Click Searches Impact SEO

Scrolling through the web pages to get the answer is tiresome. How about getting the answer immediately without having to take extra pain? Zero-click searches are the cure!

What is a Zero-Click search?

A zero-click search is when the answer is displayed at the top of the SERPs without the user having to click any link in results. This functions in a similar fashion to that of Rich Snippets. This move is further affecting the content creators. The “no-click” deal reduces the probability of the content being viewed by the visitor and therefore leads to a decrease in website traffic.

According to Search Engine Land, “nearly 50% of the Google Searches end without a click”

With zero-click searches, Google is aimed at revising the algorithm to display the results according to the search intent. The primary focus being user intent, the content producers are confused about how to deliver the exact thing the user is searching for?

What is included under Zero Search results?

According to Search Engine Journal, there are 3 types of Zero Search results:

  • Data-Based Style Searches

Search Queries about the time zones, currency conversions, name of the products accounts for data-based Style searches

  • Dictionary Style Searches

Search queries related to the definition and “what is” falls under Dictionary Style Searches.

  • Map Direction Style Searches

Search Queries like “near me”, “vegan restaurant” falls under Map Direction Style Searches.

Nearly 62.5% of the searches go unclicked on mobile. This is because the user’s intent gets satisfied with the SERP itself.

Shocking? Isn’t it?

There are few types of zero-click search Google properties where your website content can appear like featured Snippets, instant Answers, and Knowledge graph. This has removed the need of the user clicking the organic search result.

How Zero-Click Searches Impact SEO1

How Zero-Click Searches Impact SEO1

This is an example of a Zero-Click search when asked about the definition of SEO Article Submissions.

It is an example of a Zero-Click search where we have got the exact value of 20 Indian Rupees in the US dollar.

How Zero-Click Searches Impact SEO2

How Zero-Click Searches Impact SEO2

This trend is increasing over the years. So what can the marketers do to design an unbeatable SEO strategy for receiving more clicks?

This is a knowledge graph that shows additional information about the user’s query. It usually appears on the right side of the SERP when a user conducts an informational search.

How Zero-Click Searches Impact SEO3

How Zero-Click Searches Impact SEO3

How Zero-Click Searches have shaped the SERP?

Wikipedia lost 21% of traffic after the launch of Zero-Click searches.

Businesses can utilize the zero search opportunity to generate awareness and increase the exposure of the business online. It will help them in building the credibility of the business among their targeted audience.

The most common question asked is:

Which keywords are more likely to appear in featured snippets?

Long-tail keywords are more likely to appear in the featured snippets.

How to Optimize for Zero-Click Searches?

Whether your goal is to generate maximum traffic or push up the rankings, ranking on featured snippets can grant your business great exposure.

The following tips can help you appear in Zero-Click search results:

  • Target Question Type Search Query

Here it would be required of you to have a detailed study for selecting the terms and phrases used by the users the most. This will help you shortlist the major terms your audience use related to your business.

  • High-Quality Content

Content that appears on snippets and knowledge graph is well researched and informative. It has to be best to the Google standards for appearing in the snippets.

  • Structure

Proper structuring of your content is important for ranking in a featured snippet. Create a well-defined bulleted and paragraphed content for getting noticed by Google.

  • Use Facts and Statistics

Facts and figures grant credibility to your content. Focus on supporting your point with relevant facts and stats. The charts and comparisons you use can be beneficial for the users.

  • Relevant Images

Images keep the users engaged and reduce the monotony of textual information. Moreover, crawlers read the alt texts for indexing the images. Therefore, relevant and high-quality images with descriptive alt-text can help you win the race.

  • Include an FAQ section

Faqs offer numerous opportunities for ranking for different industrial keywords.

How Zero-Click Searches Impact SEO4

How Zero-Click Searches Impact SEO4

The “People Also Ask” option is the list of the Faqs that people ask frequently. If you add a potential FAQs list to your website then it has chances of appearing in SERPs.

Key Takeaways

The major takeaway is “quick answers”

The marketers and content writers should focus on creating content that is not only informational and useful but also satisfies the user intent.

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