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How to Stop Spam Backlinks from Ruining Your Reputation Online?

by Anubhav Garg
How to Stop Spam Backlinks from Ruining Your Reputation Online

As per common SEO practice, backlinks are considered good for your website’s reputation online.

So, having one can grant you a grand jump in the SERP rankings.

The more are the backlinks on the site, the more it is beneficial.

But hang on! Not all the backlinks are good for your website.

Some backlinks instead of being effective throw a shadow on your whole backlink profile. This can further lead to penalty imposition by Google.

A spam backlink is a link to your page placed on an irrelevant website with some alien and misfit anchor text.  This is a link from low quality or spam website.

Quality backlinks are important for your website to improve DA and the rankings.

There might be a couple of spam backlinks on your website already but having a cluster of spam backlinks can declare your SEO techniques shady.

Google can take action against you for manipulating the rankings.

In 2012, Google’s Penguin algorithm update was launched with the primary goal to fight the spam backlinks and penalize the websites.

Ranking low is bearable but completely getting vanished from the SERPs can be a nightmare for the business owners.

If you are trapped into the web of spam backlinks it is important to spot it early and take certain measures against it.

Yes, getting rid of spam backlinks is possible!

What to do in case of spam backlinks?

All you need to do is check your backlink profile and report it to Google. As far as you aren’t a part of this spam tactic Google will not penalize your website. Detect all the spam backlinks, make a list of all toxic domains, and disavow them from Google with the help of the Google Disavow tool.

How to detect spam backlinks?

Reviewing the backlinks profile manually is the best way to detect the spam backlinks. But you can use tools like SEM Rush and Moz to check your website’s health.  Identify the low-quality websites linking to you and identify the spammy anchor text for finding the spam backlinks.

How to disavow spam Links from Google?

Once you are done with listing out all the spammy domains, you are halfway there!

Now, it is time to notify Google about those spammy backlinks as you don’t want them anymore.  You can disavow them from Google Search Console by uploading the disavow file and clicking the button.

You are done here! The spammy backlinks won’t bother you any longer.

Make checking your backlink profile a healthy habit and it will give you an idea about the shuffling in traffic and the rankings.

Moreover, if you don’t want a particular link from a website, you get it done by politely asking the website owner to remove that link from your website instead of reporting it to Google.

After all, the major take is to keep the website free from the spam backlinks and guess what? Politeness works!

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