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How to Setup Google Guaranteed Label and Local Services Ads

by Anubhav Garg
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Google has been an amazing place for web searchers globally and has occupied a huge percentage of the global search share. As per Statista, Google holds a total share of 92.58% in Brazil, 95.47% in India, 97.1% in Italy, and 91.18% in Spain. In the image here, you can see the Global Search Share of Google in 2020.

Global Search Share of Google in 2020

These search shares generate around 5.5 billion searches per day on Google and 2 trillion searches per year that are massive figures.

Google, with these huge search stats, also creates a lot of business opportunities for Small, Medium, and Enterprise businesses that are operating Locally, Nationally, and Internationally and offers a great platform like Google My Business that help locally based audience to find suitable service providers as per their requirements.

To enhance this further and to help local businesses get more exposure in Local Searches, Google introduced Local Ads Services in mid-2017 aiming to help local customers to find the businesses that are verified and guarantee by Google itself.

In order to make sure the customers get top-notch services from the Guarantee Labeled businesses, they record all phone calls, emails, and text-based communications delivered through Google and this further includes new or follow-up calls, text, or email-based communications that are forwarded through Google’s systems.

Benefits of Opting Google’s Local Ads Services and Guarantee Label are:

  • The advertisers can get leads directly from potential customers.
  • The leads will come only from the selected local areas of business.
  • Leads come in as phone calls and messages sent through your Local Services ad.
  • The advertiser can reply to messages, track bookings, and manage all leads anytime online and through the app (Android, iOS).
  • The advertiser’s business can get seen at the top of Google.
  • Make use of simple tools to help you get started and create a personalized profile.
  • With Guarantee Label or Google Screened advertisers can build customer trust.
  • The advertiser has to pay only for the related leads and the services they offer.

Additionally, If the advertiser is Google Guarantee, they may also be listed as a local provider on the Assistant for which they don’t have to pay anything extra for this service.

I hope now you have a good understanding of how these Google Local Ads work and it’s a benefit. Let’s proceed with the steps of creating Google’s Local Ads

Steps to Setup Google Local Services Ads for U.S. and Canada

Step 1: Check Business Eligibility

Click this URL ( https://ads.google.com/localservices/signup/eligibility ) in order to check whether your business category is eligible for Local Ads and Guarantee Label. Now, proceed further and fill in all details required.

  • Country Name: Select your country from the drop-down list
  • City Name: Select from the drop-down
  • Postal Code: Add business physical address postal code
  • Business Categories: Select single or multiple related business categories
  • Click on the Check Eligibility button

Step 1 -Setup Google Local Services Ads for US and Canada

*List of all Countries available on Google Local Ads Services as of 9th March 2021: Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

*List of all Business Categories available on Google Local Ads Services as of 9th March 2021: Appliance Repair, Carpentry, Carpet Cleaning, Countertop Services, Electrical, Fencing, Financial Planning, Flooring, Foundations, Garage door, House Cleaning, HVAC, Junk Removal, Landscaping, Law, Lawn care, Locksmith, Moving, Pest control, Plumbing, Real estate, Roofing, Siding, Tax services, Tree services, Water damage services, Window Cleaning, and Window services.

Step 2: Create an Account

Enter the email id through which you want to create Google Local Ads Services account for the promotions of your local business.

Step 2 -Setup Google Local Services Ads for US and Canada

Step 3: Create your profile

Under this section, you will add details that are related to your business. Options to fill?

Enter information as you want it to appear in your profile:
  • Business Name
  • Business Registration Number *Optional
  • Business Phone
  • Business Website *Optional
  • Owner’s Last Name: The owner’s first and last name will not be shown to customers
  • Total number of fieldworkers
  • Year Founded
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

And, in the last mark Yes or No wether, customers can visit your location, like a store or an office?

If you select ‘Yes’ this location might be shown on Google Maps and Search to users looking for your services. If you select ‘No’ your business will still be visible to Google, just without an address. Your address will then be used only for verification.
Step 3 -Setup Google Local Services Ads for US and Canada

Step 4: Setup your service/services area

In this section, you can add single or multiple services areas that will work as your local business ad targeted areas, and if users perform service requirement search from your selected locations then your Google Local Ad will jump up on their screen.

Step 4 -Setup Google Local Services Ads for US and Canada

You can also see the ZIP codes that are included as default in your selected regions and you can further uncheck the zip codes if you don’t want your Local Ads to appear. Click on next.

Step 5: Setup your service types

In this section, you’ll have to select all services sub-categories related to your business.

Click on Agree to the policies and then click Next

Step 5 -Setup Google Local Services Ads for US and Canada

Step 6: Business hours

In this step you have to add the days and times you’re open, if you have a storefront and also travel to customer locations, enter the hours your travel.

Click on Next to proceed with the next step.

Step 6 -Setup Google Local Services Ads for US and Canada1

Step 7: Preview your ad

In this step, you’ll see a preview of your Local Ad. If all looks good then click on Next

Step 7 -Setup Google Local Services Ads for US and Canada1

Step 8: Business Verification Process

In this step, you’ll have to verify business details that will be cross-checked by Google in order to approve your Local Ad and to assign a Guarantee Lable. To proceed with this you’ll have to further complete all below steps:

  • Service/Business Licence
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Background Check *this will take you to https://app.evidentid.com/domain to Verify Business Owner Email Addresses and Registered Business addresses. Complete all mentioned steps there and get back to Business Verification Page.
  • Customer Reviews *will automatically be picked up from Google My Business within 2 working days

Step 8 -Setup Google Local Services Ads for US and Canada

Once everything’s set up, you can proceed with adding Bidding and Budget with 2 options:

Step 10 -Setup Google Local Services Ads for US and Canada1

Select the option you find more convenient for you and click on the Next and add Billing Information in order to place your ad as Google Guarantee Business Ad to maximize the local business calls and leads.

I hope all the above steps are useful and easy to understand. Please share your feedback through the comment section below.

In case of any queries related to Google My Business and Google Local Ads, you can reach out to the Local SEO Services providers.

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