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How to Improve SEO Rankings for London?

by Anubhav Garg
How to Improve SEO Rankings for London

Everyone is looking for short cuts to improve the rankings of the website and along the way to increase visibility.

But the question is do shortcuts exist?

SEO is a long game and anyone expecting quick results is like desiring magical rankings. Obtaining the first page rankings is essential for your business to be found by potential customers.

If you rely on people to find you through Google search, you need to invest conscious efforts into improving your SEO.

75% of the visitors don’t even visit the second page of the search results.

Fortunately, you still have time to get started:

Here is how you can grab the chance of grabbing higher rankings in London, UK:

Perform a Technical SEO Audit

A poor website structure and information structure can make your SEO efforts go in vain even if they are backed by a great strategy. Conducting a website technical SEO audit will help in figuring out the major loopholes. Think about improving “usability” first.

Improve your Page Loading Speed

A website taking forever to load is bound to witness a major fall in traffic. A slow website impacts the way a customer interacts with your business. The customer doesn’t return to a slow-loading website.  Invest time in optimizing your page speed and server response time for better results. Ideally, a website gets loaded completely in 3 seconds. Where your website lies?

Optimize your Site for Featured Snippet

According to Ahrefs “99.5% of the featured snippets come from first page results” There is no chance your website can make into it if it ranks on page 2. Identify the type of snippet you are looking for and add snippet content for getting featured online.

Improve Dwell Time

Well if you ask me, dwell time is a search engine ranking factor. I will say yes it is! If someone bounces from your page, it is a clear message that they hate visiting it. Make your content look more interesting by embedding videos and relevant images to make it look attractive to visitors.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links impact user experience. By utilizing SEO tolls you check the broken links on your site and fix them. You can turn site mentions into links and inform Google about the same. Be anything but spammy!  Focus on relevancy!

These are some of the best ways to improve your site rankings. Don’t get overwhelmed! Hire the SEO Consultant London for paving your way to achieving first page rankings and claim that number 1 spot!

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