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How to Check Organic Traffic Country States/Cities/Areas in Google Analytics?

by Anubhav Garg
How to Check Organic Traffic Country States Cities Areas in Google Analytics

Hey guys, welcome to the Digital Marketing Small Tips and Tricks playlist on Search Engine Stream by Anubhav Garg.  In this video, I’m giving you a step by step guide on how you can find the organic traffic data for specific States/Cities/Areas/Regions/Continents and Subcontinents in Google Analytics for the visitors who came to your website over a specific date range.

Before this video, I launched another video in which I showed you the steps on how to find the Countries of the organic visitors coming to your website in Google analytics. If you haven’t watched it yet then you can find the video link in the description box below and in the I button above.

So, let’s start the steps…

  1. Login to Google Analytics Account
  2. Go to the project dashboard for which you want to see the country states of organic traffic
  3. Click on the “Audience” text
  4. Under Audience, you will see “GEO”. Click on that
  5. Under Geo, you will find “Location” click on that.
  6. Select the “Date Range” for which you want to see the Organic Search States/Cities and Areas
  7. Scroll down and you will see the countries of the visitors who came to your website on the selected date range. (Point to note) These countries show the total traffic that came to your website through Organic, Direct, Social, Referral and Paid searches.
  8. Now, click on any country you want to see the states/cities and areas for. I clicked on the “United States”
  9. Here you can see all the States, Cities, Areas. You can also click on Continent and Sub-continent options for deeper insights.

Now, as I said before this traffic insight includes the total traffic coming from Organic, Direct, Social, Referral, and Paid searches and we specifically need “Organic Traffic Data” from sub-regions of a country, and for that, you need to.

  1. Click on the “Secondary Dimension” tab
  2. Scroll down and under “Acquisition” you will find “Source/Medium” click that box
  3. And, here is the separated data for all “Search Types” on your website from different regions, states, and cities.

So, I hope you were able to find the data through I steps I shared. If you have any doubts or queries please comment down below. Also, if you want to me share digital marketing tips and tricks on any specific topic then also you can share it with me by commenting below.

I know what you’ll be thinking. It looks messy. Yes, it does and from here it will become hard for you to find just “Organic” visits either from Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

So I will be taking this video a step ahead through a new video to show you how you can sort this data in order to get the list of only Organic Traffic visits from different states, cities areas, or regions. So make sure you subscribe to this channel right away to become the very first watcher of that video.

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