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How to Check Organic Search Traffic Country in Google Analytics?

by Anubhav Garg
How to Check Organic Search Traffic Country in Google Analytics

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I’m sure you must be using Google Analytics for a long time now. But do you know? You can see the countries of the visitors coming on your website through Organic, Paid, Referral, Social and Direct traffic?

In this video I have shared step by step guide in how to find organic search analytics traffic of countries in Google Analytics through which you can see the number of visitors you got over a selected date range from different countries.

Having an exact organic search analytics data of the audience demographic coming on your website makes it easy in creating or recreating the marketing campaign based on the interested demographic.

Based on further data like which country’s audience stayed longer, their behavior flow, bounce rates, conversions, etc. you can set priorities to which audience type you should target more with your content and audience interest so you can generate higher organic traffic in order to increase sales.

Organic Search Analytics Steps To Find Country of Organic Traffic

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Open the project name for which you want to see the Traffic.
  3. Go to the acquisition, and then under All Traffic, click on Channels.
  4. From the Date Range section, select the number of days or months for which you want to see a number of visitors from different countries.
  5. Click on Organic Search
  6. Go to the Secondary Dimension tab and type Country.
  7. Click the Country Green Box and that’s it.

Now, you can see all the organic visitors who came from different countries on your website over the selected date range.

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