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How to Achieve Google’s First Page SEO Rankings in 2021?

by Anubhav Garg
How to Achieve Google's First Page SEO Rankings in 2021

In case you’re attempting to get the opportunity to rank on page one on Google or working enthusiastically to maintain your already achieved positions there then be AWARE!! You’re not alone!

Not every website can get page one rankings on Google but if you doing the stuff Search Algorithm love then you may probably achieve this; there are few important aspects to consider which I have discussed in this How to Achieve Google’s First Page SEO Rankings in 2021?

How to Achieve Google’s First Page SEO Rankings in 2021

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing has been exploded and will become even more popular in the coming years. Why? Because Google is now crushing shady SEO tactics and major algorithm like Penguin is running in the real-time.

The other main reason is its effectiveness. Through influencer marketing way you will get good referral traffic, brand awareness, and exposure that will naturally help your brand to get visible without any risk to be penalized by Google.

Smart Content Marketing:

As you probably know content marketing is one of the noteworthy strides but only quite a few use it effectively. I personally say that “Every Piece of Content Should have a Writing Purpose”.

But people brushed off keyword research and started saying things like “just create great content” or “write content for search engines instead of your audience”.

When you create high quality it is important not to ignore keyword research, if you ignore it then this would be the biggest SEO foolishness.

For example, you can write an article with a target keyword you want to rank or can go with a long tail variation of your main keyword which supports your top content.

Your content MUST be of a problem-solving nature and has to be engaging at the same time for your visitors. Else, they will bounce back.

For your ranking to be better it is important to meet with the average time people spend on your content (2-3 Minutes) that will eventually help your web page to rank in better positions.

A Few Tips How To Create Engaging Content:

  • Strive to create informative and unique content.
  • Include images and videos
  • Use many relevant outbound links like – open in a new window.

Bonus Content Marketing Tip:

I call it Content Resurrection. Even epic content gets old. That’s why you should revisit your best articles over a period of 2 months at least to update them if they are out of date.

Google loves fresh content and will give you a boost when you refresh your content with some new data or insights. The audience also skips on reading old content and always prefer to read out the fresh information.

Use your best content & epic content like a long series of events to nurture & onboard new customers. Survey your customers or audience about their top problems & create an eBook about their solution.

Make a reason to find the new use for an idea, product, or brand building of your best content into webinars, videos, microsites, ebooks, etc. You can also put your best content into a book & send it to your customers.

On-Site SEO

Are you mobile-friendly? Because Google will downrank you if you are not. – Buh!

Your website speed is going to be a huge Google’s first-page ranking factor in 2021. Use quality hosting services and CDN. Check your website speed with GTmetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights

SSL – Google rolled out major changes to the way non-https sites are handled in Chrome henceforth. Therefore, you should switch to HTTPS before Google Chrome starts to show a security warning for HTTP pages when a user visits them.

An effective SEO campaign also requires good software to help you track your keywords rankings, website performance reports and technical audits.

Comprehend SEO in Its Least Difficult Frame

To comprehend your SEO tactics in a better way, you need to consider the following questions –

  • Why you’re using any SEO Practice?
  • How it will help you within terms of rankings? And more significantly,
  • What recent updates did Google perform and their motive?

If you can answer the above questions for yourself then you can build the most comprehensive SEO strategy to get ranked in the first of Google in 2021 or beyond.

When users perform a search online, the basic logic they apply is generally to search for an exact answer, thing, detail, date, picture, address, service provider, or definition. Furthermore, users expect to get answers in a brief instant.

At times you need Google to peruse your psyche and believe me, prospects need this as well.

Google algorithms convey this and they are really good at this. Consider it — if Google served up ten connections that didn’t give what you’re hoping to, you’d take your business somewhere else. This is the basic brain research behind client encounters on SERPs.

Important Lines: In my 8 years of Digital Marketing experience what I came to understand is – Google wants you to deliver the exact information that your prospects are searching for. In the event, if you give it above other resources then your information and content will be elevated to a superior position automatically for which no backlinks are required.

Eventually, this automatically creates amazing opportunities for your content to get linked Natually/Organically through similar industry blogs, forums, question and answers portals, and through other networks, this will bring a ton of referral traffic to your website.

Look at Who’s Connecting Back to You

In case nobody is connecting to you then why should Google? Backlinks (they create a routing bridge from different sites to yours) can be brilliant stuff, particularly in the case where linked-by websites trusted domains over Google.

Research ponders demonstrates that there’s an immediate connection between quality backlinks and Google search rankings. The higher the nature of your backlinks, the higher your search rankings. This is also a part of the Latest SEO strategies for Google ranking in 2021.

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