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How Personal Post-Purchase Videos Increase Conversions?

by Anubhav Garg
How Personal Post-Purchase Videos Increase Conversions - Featured

Engaging with the customers is something that the e-commerce companies often miss out on. Recognizing the importance of customer interaction and re-humanizing the e-commerce marketing approach is crucial for making the customer connect with your brand and take the desired action.

Customer is not just seeking a reliable platform for making a purchase, but a friendly one too. The personal touch always works wonder.

How to Increase My E-Commerce Sales?

This is one of the most common questions asked by the e-commerce store owners.

If you are encountering a slow pace of the sales graph in spite of great social and blog engagement, you need to grab a momentum to see your sales flow and hiring an SEO Company India which could not only guide with the SEO organic but also help in suggesting video types will be good enough.

Is Marketing Possible On A Low Budget?

Yes, it definitely is!

If you want a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to increase the sales of your product, then personal post-purchase videos can be your answer. Sharing short videos is an unbeatable way of building a brand reputation and makes the customers remember you.

What Is Post-Purchase Video?

Post-personal video is a video about the products and services that are personal and unique and is concluded with the thanksgiving approach.

This 20-second video is an effective way to increase customer retention and increase conversions. The videos capture the mind of the customer quicker than a piece of content. This is an effective strategy to build your customers and increase Sales.

It is important to show the customers that you value their custom and choices.

Just a Simple “Thank You” makes a grand impact on your customer-seller relationship.

Post-purchase videos regarding the Return and refund policies help reduce anxiety. Transparency is the key to build a reliable front and helps in understanding your customer’s needs.

Post-Purchase Videos Differentiates You from Your Competitors

Many e-commerce business owners utilize post-purchase videos to differentiate themselves from their competitors and accelerate the sales cycle. These videos lead to an increase in customer engagement and an increase in replies and responses. Integrating the videos in an automated process helps communicate the message clearly and repose trust in a brand.

Create A Post-Purchase Video That Converts!

Now, you know what, a post-purchase video is. How to create it in a way to improve customer satisfaction and user experience?

Here Is How You Can Create A Potential Post-Purchase Video:

  • Thank Each Customer

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated? The customers also demand to be recognized and appreciated. The shoppers who receive a personal message of thanks are bound to rely on the company more.

  • Inform them about the update on their orders

Once a customer makes an order online, he anxiously waits for it to get delivered. You can grant them the key to track the order and remain updated about the delivery date and timing.

  • Include a one-question survey

A thank you Page can harvest valuable feedback, such as check out pages such as experience or site usability. You can include a one-question survey that will help you get immense information.

  • Product Review Request

After a customer has made a purchase, it is a good idea to check how they feel about the product. You can ask them to rate the product out of 10. Personal opinion matters when it comes to brand improvement.

You can utilize various tools for creating post-purchase videos and attach proper social sharing and CTA buttons.

Customers enjoy post-purchase videos and generate a strong rapport between you and the customer. Always remember, engaged customers, shop more!

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