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Google’s eCommerce Ads Knowledge Graph – BIGGEST ADS SECTION EVER

by Anubhav Garg
Google's eCommerce Ads in the Knowledge Graph - Featured Update

Recently, I was checking the SEO rankings for one of my clients, and guess what, I found Google’s eCommerce ads appearing in Google’s Knowledge Graph section containing very useful pieces of information about the product/keyword I searched for.

And I personally find this section much more useful and sorted which will definitely help me to make a purchase decision (If I Place My Self as a Buyer).

Google’s eCommerce Ads Knowledge Graph for an Automobile Category Ad


But in this way, Google really helping users to compare pricings, read some quick descriptions of the product which will help buyers to make a purchase decision more efficiently.

Furthermore, there are multiple types of eCommerce Ads Knowledge Graph with all the necessary details based on Product Category. For Example

Google’s eCommerce Ads Knowledge Graph for Multimedia Product Category Ad

Google's-eCommerce-Ads-in-the-Knowledge-Graph - Multimedia Products1

Now as I mentioned, the details of the eCommerce ads knowledge graph are based upon the product types and their categories. In the above images, you can see the below-mentioned sections which differ from the information we had for the Automobile Category product.

  1. Drop Down Menu of “Lens Type” in Canon Product and for Sony Bravia TV it was for the “Size”.
  2. Details like Release Date, Brand, Type, Resolutions are available in Canon. Whereas, Brand, Screen Size, Feature, and Display Type are available in SONY Bravia TV.
  3. The suggested Question Section also makes a difference here which is based on the popular questions asked or searched by the users for these products.

The above three are the main differences I noted.

Not only this, I went a step ahead to check if this eCommerce Ads Knowledge Graph appears on brand terms like “Canon Cameras”, SONY TV, Best Canon Camera, 40 inch Sony Tv. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear.

I could see the same top ad section with suggested products boxed ads, suggestions in the Featured Box with FAQ rich results, and some boxed ads on the right section of the browser.

Which means, this eCommerce ads knowledge graph by Google appears only with the product name coming along with their model numbers.

As you can see in the above images, there are model numbers mentioned on each Brand Product

  • CRL AP1530B5H
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • SONY Bravia X750H

Even, if you just put the model number “X750H” you could be able to see the eCommerce ad knowledge graph in your service.

Overall, it’s a pretty cool update made by google which definitely helps buyers in making smart and right decisions before purchasing anything from anywhere.

What are your thoughts on the same, share your comments and feedback below.

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