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Google Updated “FAQ” Type Rich Result in the “Featured Snippet”

by Anubhav Garg
Google Updated FAQ Type Rich Result in the Featured Snippet

Recently, the Google search result started showing the “FAQ Schema type rich result below the Featured Snippet Box.

For those who are not aware of FAQ Schema, it is a script that gets implemented on the web pages to help web page results in the SERP to show the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to users.

The markup codes in FAQ Schema help google crawlers to identify that the content is updated in FAQ format so they can enable rich snippet results in the SERP, like below.

FAQSchema - Example - SearchEngineStream

FAQSchema – Example – SearchEngineStream

For those who are not aware of Featured Snippets, it is a big white box appear in the 1st page of the top of search results which help users to get answers to their searched queries instantly without visiting any web page.

Read more on these details here: What is SERPs Featured Snippet Search Block/Box by Google?

So, the very recent update of showing FAQ results in the Featured Snippet box is aimed to cover relevant further/next/more question users can have if he searches for a string.

These expandable featured snipped was introduced in 2018 but seems they appeared in India few days back.

As you can see, current Featured Snippet with FAQ schema appeared on the keyword, Google My Business.

The key point to note is, all the FAQ based texts are being taken up from different website sites that published similar content while covering some important questions users may have for Google My Business listing, like

  1. How to Optimize Google Local Business Listing
  2. Is it Free or Paid
  3. How to merge duplicate listings
  4. What is the importance of having Google Business Listing

You may have noticed sometimes Featured Box appearing with more two Featured results, the second result most of the time used not to be much relevant and occupy a lot more space.

In that sense, this is a good step by the Google, because now they are helping users with more relevant search queries that can see below Featured box without typing or making another search for the next question related to their topic.

If you remember, this tweet from Danny Sullivan, websites appearing in Featured Box will no longer repeat in the listing in the search results.

Websites include in in the FAQ section of Featured Snippet are not ranking in the first page of Google Search which could have 2 possible cases,

  1. Either, Google removed the websites from the SERP if they elevating them in the Featured Box.
  2. Else, May Be they considering websites that are not ranking on the first page but contain good insights and guides which are solving a purpose on further relevant search queries.

I tried to find you the websites appearing with the same topic as in the featured box, but I couldn’t find them anywhere even on the 10th page of Google Search.

That’s another question that can be answered only by Google on what exactly they did and on what criteria they elevated websites in the “FAQ” section of the Featured Snippet.

Comment below with your thoughts on this.

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