Google My Business Listing Showing Owner’s Name in the Knowledge Panel

Google My Business Listing Showing Owners Name in the Knowledge Panel-featured-image
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Local business owners are becoming more active for their local business promotions and as a first step, they get their business listed with Google My Business, LocalPin, GrowthFairs types of local business listing platforms in order to get found by their potential local customers.

In order to help local business owners, Google My Business always or frequently comes up with new GBM features that are always very unique and help local customers in identifying the right service providers.

They also compile useful information from various sources and methods in order to provide up-to-date information about places and some of those sources are mentioned below.

  • Publicly-available information, such as crawled web content (e.g. information from a business’ official website)
  • Licensed data from third parties
  • Users who contribute factual information (such as addresses and phone numbers), and content (such as photos and reviews), including business owners who claim local listings through Google My Business
  • Information based on Google’s interactions with a local place or business

This time, Google is testing a new feature of “Owner” displays Owner’s name and the website address that can be picked up from any third-party website source.

Google My Business Listing Showing Owners Name in the Knowledge Panel1

Users can also read more details about the owner by clicking on the “Owner:” bold text which will take you to a google featured box containing the details about the owner. Image below:

Google My Business Listing Showing Owners Name in the Knowledge Panel2

As mentioned above, the referring source can be any third-part website or company’s own website that covers the information for this section.

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