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Does Site:URL Command Still Work? Answered By John Mueller

by Anubhav Garg
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In a recent tweet in which I asked John Mueller (Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google) a question on the Site:URL command that showed a major difference in the Number of Indexed Pages of a website on multiple Internet IP addresses during a website audit by Chander Prakash.

John answered: I wouldn’t use the count in a site:-query for diagnostics, I’d recommend using Search Console instead. Reference below

As I mentioned a major difference in the number of indexed pages was actually 30 Indexed Results in IP “A” and 120 Indexed Results on IP “B”.

Following up on the same question @seoravindra further added, he got 147 Indexed Results in his IP i.e. “C” while he checked for the same website with site:URL command that facts what John Mueller’s answered, use Search Console and below is the tweet reference for the same.

But, according to a post published on Google Search Central on Friday, March 02, 2007, clearly states Webmasters sometimes use this command to see a list of indexed pages for a site, like this: site:www.google.com

It was also mentioned site:URL command shows different results if using www and without www. Basically, putting www will show indexed pages starting with www and this information is accessible through both the Google Search and the Search Console under the index status of the URL property.

It was also mentioned, with a site: command, searchers are likely looking for a full list of results from that site for which Google made the updated necessary updates.

However, In some cases a site: search did not show a full list of results even when the pages are different and not duplicate with Page titles and descriptions – An Issue that was Resolved.

But, that was just a display issue only and doesn’t in any way affect search rankings.


You can use still use Site:URL command in order to check if your website pages are getting indexed or you can further use site:URL single space + query command to look for web page references. But, checking for the specific/exact number of Indexed URLs is possible only through the Search Console.

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