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Choosing Local Business SEO Package – Detailed Guide

by Anubhav Garg
Choosing Local Business SEO Package - Detailed Guide

Successfully running a business (Small, Locally Based, National, or International) is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of hard work, skills, and investments, but all above those things is Patience.

So, here is my question for you: Is you’re business-centric towards a locally targeted audience?

If you answer yes, the most frustrating thing for you maybe is how to spread it locally so your potential customers could find your business easily.

The solutions are just one, Search Engine Optimization.

With the help of SEO, you can easily spread your business feet across all your locally targeted business locations with super ease.

In this post, I’m going to explain in detail, How to choose the best SEO package for your locally based business which could give your business a kick start in just a couple of months.

Whenever you reach out to an SEO Company and share your requirements for the marketing on your locally targeted business website, they will share with you a long list (Image Below) of On-Page and Off-Page activities which you may not fully understand if you are not technically sound.

A Detailed Guide - How to Choose Local Business SEO Packages1

A Detailed Guide – How to Choose Local Business SEO Packages1

But, does that long list really matters? To some extend It Does!

There are 5 Ways I will discuss in detail to make you understand if you are selecting the best SEO Company and the best SEO Package for your locally based business promotions online.

  1. Check, whether they did the extensive keywords research on your business locations. If yes, then how deeply they analyzed it.
  2. Check, if they strategically developed a marketing plan of action.
  3. The scope of Local Business Content Marketing
  4. Check, on what SEO On-Page and Off-Page practices, they will work on to boost up the rankings and CTR (Click Through Rate)
  5. Check, if they will optimize the website for higher conversions.

There are more ways available too… but we will consider the above points on priority which are just enough to help you make the right decision. Let’s, discuss them in detail now.

Extensive and Deeply Performed Keyword Research

That is the first most and priority key thing to check whether the SEO Company did extensive keyword research or shared the keywords after having an overview on your web service pages.

Keyword research plays a very critical role in the promotions of locally-based business websites and if it goes wrong the entire Local SEO campaign will go in vain.

How does well researched and non-researched local SEO keywords look like;

  1. Plumber in Delhi
  2. Best Plumber in Delhi
  3. Plumber Near me (Works best with Google My Business Listing)
  4. Physiotherapist in Delhi
  5. Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi
  6. Physiotherapy Center in Delhi
  7. SEO Agency in Delhi
  8. SEO Company in Delhi

Above are the examples of well-researched local SEO keywords. In the above keywords, you can see the different sets of “Search Terms” that are getting performed by multiple users to figure out the same service.

Apart from this, each keyword has a GEO targeting/Location name of your preferred business locations.

  1. Hire Plumbers
  2. Best Plumbers
  3. Top-Rated Plumbers
  4. Hire Physiotherapist
  5. Physiotherapy Center
  6. SEO Agency
  7. SEO Company

Above are the examples of SEO keywords that will never work out for you because they are lacking in the GEO targeting.

If any company shared keywords that are missing your targeted locations then you can say Goodbye to that SEO Company.

Marketing Plan of Action

The second critical step is to discuss the marketing plan for your local business.

Many marketing agencies don’t give a damn to the page URLs and they never care about the right landing pages when it comes to the local SEO promotions.

This could be because of the lack of proper SEO knowledge at their end and if you find nothing mentioned in the marketing plan for the locally based website landing pages, then say a BIG NO to the agency straight away.

Scope of Local Business Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a very critical role in online business promotions and when it is a local business then it becomes more critical to use wisely.

Before selecting an SEO package from any marketing agency for your local business promotions ask them what is the scope of Content Marketing for your business and how they will be undertaking it.

Let me tell you, most of the SEO Company could just say we will publish 1 article and 1 blog under a specified budget which is just fine. But, will be strategically building up those topics or will just publish to complete the formalities of generating backlinks.

Yes, the topics of articles and blogs are way different in Local SEO promotions compared to national or international promotions.

For example: Suppose you have a Physiotherapy clinic and you want to target the entire Delhi then the content marketing topic should be based on the questions being asked by your audience.

Topics could be like.

  1. Is it safe to call a Physiotherapist at home? – Trend based topic (The COVID Scenario)
  2. How much Physiotherapist charge for home therapy? – Cost Related Topic
  3. Calling Physiotherapist at Home – Read it’s Roles and Responsibilities – Educational/Concerned Topic

Basically, you need to figure out if the content marketing plan is suitable for your local business? Because the topic includes Home in the title then it automatically becomes targeted for the local audience.

SEO On-Page and Off-Page Practices

The above image I shared contains a lot of On-page and Off-page SEO practices which are helpful for the local SERP rankings.

But what are those key factors that help the most and should be included in the SEO campaign? Let’s talk about them below.

Important On-Page SEO Factors for Local Business

  1. Location Schemas
  2. FAQ Schemas
  3. Pricing Schema
  4. Geo-Sitemap
  5. Keywords Specific URL Re-Writing
  6. Web Page Content Optimization

Important Off-Page SEO Factors for Local Business

  1. Local Business Citations/Listing
  2. Local Audience Centric Content Marketing
  3. Optimization of Google My Business Listing
  4. Image Marketing – Through GMB and Social Media
  5. Enhancing Positive Online Branding

If you see the above-mentioned practices are included in the Local SEO Campaign with whatever the Package amount you choose is good to go.

Website Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting ranked on the SERP with an enhanced local business branding is like you have achieved 80% of the goals from your local SEO campaign.

Now, the remaining 20% success relies on the possibilities to increase the conversions when users visiting your business website.

Look, every business’s end goal is to get business leads frequently and if the conversion rate optimization is not invoiced in the campaign then you may lose a lot of calls and queries on a daily basis.

How you can come to know if the conversion optimization is good on your website? Well, there are many ways to increase conversions and some of them are listed below.

  1. Sticky Calling Action for Mobile – This one works best with the Local Business Websites because the locally based audience is always in look for quick solutions and they mostly prefer to call instead of filling up the contact form to a local service provider.
  2. Contact Form on Each Web Page – It is important to have contact forms, does not matter if they generate fewer queries compared to sticky calling action. It is a standard that should be followed.
  3. Live Chat – This type of conversion rate enhancement technique is now very popular and can increase the chances to convert leads into customers as you get direct options to interact with your website visitors through live chats or through a default Triggered message which encourages them to ping you to start the discussion for their requirements.

There are more physiological ways to increase conversions – but that’s not every SEO company’s cup of tea.


The amount of SEO package does not really matters, the only thing matter is it should include all those marketing practices which could help in boosting up your local business online presence and can generate business leads simultaneously.

And if any local SEO package turns up on all above-listed things then it’s good to go package for your business success.

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