Google My Business Pack Testing “Estimated cost near you” For Provider Services

Google my business has always been a great platform for the local business owners for the promotions of business/brands and services and they keep on testing with the new features to help local business owners display the updated business or service news with their customers. This time, Google is testing with a new display feature of “Estimated cost near you” […]

Google My Business Listing Showing Owner’s Name in the Knowledge Panel

Local business owners are becoming more active for their local business promotions and as a first step, they get their business listed with Google My Business, LocalPin, GrowthFairs types of local business listing platforms in order to get found by their potential local customers. In order to help local business owners, Google My Business always or frequently comes up with […]

How to Attract Local Customers to Your Business?

Figuring out the best ways to expand the reach of the business and attracting more customers is one of the most confusing and challenging ones. The ways of attracting the customers vary from industry to industry. For surviving in the competitive landscape, you need to be great at marketing. You can tap into these important considerations to attract your local […]

Google My Business Listing Categories List 2020-2021 Updated

Google My Business is a great source to list local businesses in order to attract genuine customers from locally targeted areas. But have you ever wondered or tried to know all the business categories Google My Business allow. Well, here’s the list of all Google My Business listing categories updated for 2020-2021. There are a total of 3920 business categories […]

How to Create Google My Business Map Listing – Search Engine Stream

What is Google My Business? It is a free online promotion tool offered by Google which allows Businesses to get local online presence across the Google search based on the business categories and business-related search terms. So, if you are a business owner and want to increase your online business presence then nothing could be better than having it on […]

How to Optimize Google My Business Local Listing – 9 Secret Insights

Since the CODIV-19 impacted so badly and the lockdown periods of 3-4 months have now lead to an increase in the digital marketing requirements from business owners, specifically the local business owners are now looking for online opportunities to increase their business leads and sales. Or in other words, we can say the local business owners that were not aware […]

What is Keywords Grouping in SEO?

What is Keywords Grouping? In the most simplest form, Keywords grouping is a systematic way of identification and separation of the similar words from the group of keywords in order to identify the best suitable and unique group of words to use in an SEO campaign. Example of Keywords Grouping: The image below shows a complete list if Keywords which […]