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Average SEO Prices for UK SEO Services – SearchEngineStream

by Anubhav Garg
Average SEO Prices for UK SEO Services - SearchEngineStream

If you have been looking at the state of SEO across the UK; both in terms of cash outlay and what is promised in return. Average prices for UK SEO services will vary based on your chosen agency’s size and credentials, the scope of your project, proximity and how much glaze they can perceive in the whites of your eyes.

Determining the cost of SEO can be a real problem, while the cost should not be the deciding factor in choosing an SEO agency.

SEO Consultants in India have conducted this study and discovered that SEO prices range from as little as £20 per hour to over £250 per hour for a large SEO agency in London.

Monthly contract prices range from as little as £199 per month through to a £5000 and upwards. The median pricing we found was around £2000 per month which for a cheap (relatively) agency would bring you about 33 hours of professional SEO services (based on a cost of £60 per hour).

SEO pay on performance is another method of payment used mainly in the Pay per click area. This is prices on a predetermined level of results that could be an increase in product sales, or levels of new customer signups and so on.

In order to understand SEO prices, you need to understand the variety of pricing models that proper agencies or freelancers use. These can vary between an hourly rate to single project prices and your financing may determine your most suited type of provider.

Hourly Rates

This is most common among freelancers, single owner, and operator SEO companies and small/medium SEO agencies

Fixed Retainer

This pricing model involves a set cost for SEO over an agreed contract length. This is usually based on an hourly rate and a set number of hours per month. Small local SEO packages may run from around £299 to £499 a month, with other common SEO amounts running from £999 to upwards of £10k per month for larger projects.

Project Cost Model

Another pricing model that is mostly used by mid-size and large size agencies. It works by defining the project’s scope prior to starting it and creating single work elements with a fixed cost (or multiple elements with a fixed cost assigned to each).

Paid by Results

The paid by results pricing model is only really applicable to Pay Per Click projects because SEO has too many variables outside of a digital agencies control to make this a realistic payment method for anything other than PPC.

SEO Credits

This is a newer type of pricing structure that involves a client purchasing a number of monthly credits that can be redeemed against a ‘menu’ of digital marketing activities on an ongoing basis. This gives the client a degree of flexibility in how much they spend each month but it can be problematic in allowing an agency to create a flowing and strategic campaign.

Any SEO campaign should be well planned as there are so many different areas to address in even medium competition markets in current times.

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