An Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing for eCommerce Fashion Stores

by Anubhav Garg
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Pinterest is a platform for Fashionistas and it offers its own unique U/I that help people to get engaged with the fashion brands they like.

Furthermore, it offers a great opportunity for new fashion sites through which they can create a buzz for themselves that could not just help in better branding but also generate regular sales and the best way to get this done is SHOWCASE your STYLE on PINTEREST.

With the help of this ultimate guide to Pinterest marketing, I have tried to put a consolidated marketing practice & branding blue print you should follow for your brand’s Pinterest account that would be able to achieve the end targets i.e. Branding & Leads.

For this, the fist every practice should be to get all your available Product Categories/Collection/Brand Your Sell pages on Boards on Pinterest with Board Title + Brand Name, like the same I referred below.

Why? The reason behind that is, Pinterest Boards are index-able on Google and you can get a lot of image impressions, hits and website visits directly from Google Image search section + people always recognize the brand names they see more often.

Hence, firing up the title with your Brand Name with each and every board you’ll create will help in creating more brand awareness for your brand in the targeted audience region.

Let’s understand how the Boards Creation should be like:

Product Specific Boards Names Should Be Like:

  • Earrings – Your Brand Name
  • Necklaces – Your Brand Name
  • Bracelets & Bangles – Your Brand Name
  • Rings – Your Brand Name
  • Shoes – Your Brand Name
  • Shirts – Your Brand Name

Categories/Collections/Designers Boards Names Should Be Like:

  • XYZ Jewellery on Your Brand Name
  • ABC Jewellery on Your Brand Name
  • LMN Jewellery on Your Brand Name, etc.

What’s More?:

Only optimizing boards is not just helpful you have to focus on the next steps through which you actually make your boards alive which is creating a new pin.

While creating any new pin make sure to follow below mentioned rules if you really want to take your Pinterest account to a next level.


Each Pinterest Board should contain its own collection/category page products with single or multiple images.

Pin Title:

Pin Title should always go with words like “Buy” + Product Title + “Online” – As I said board get indexed in google this will help our pins to appear in Google search what will help in boosting up website traffic as well as leads.

Pin Description:

Each Pin’s description must include 2-3 liners along with short “Alt Text” (Jewellery, Necklace, Fashion, Designer Name, Your Brand Name) – This section has it’s own significance that helps in increasing the individual Pin’s reach within Pinterest.

Destination Link:

Each Product Pin must have the link to their individual product pages, so if any users want to check out the product and related things they can easily get on that product’s page to further take their actions.

At Last :

There are no limits on putting daily Pins on the Pinterest. Hence, in order make your brand’s Pinterest channel stand out there must be at-least 15-20 pin on a daily basis or at least 1-2 Pins on each board on a daily basis is must.

The concept of Pinterest marketing is very clear, try to increase your Page’s visibility and that is possible only through the Pins frequency.

But yes, all the above shared practices should get implemented simultaneously, only then all the efforts will be worth in achieving the end targets.

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