7 Types Of Websites To Make Money Online

by Anubhav Garg

Most of the website owners have that one question on their mind – “how to make money from my website?

Well, folks, there are many ways to make money from your website and it is just not limited to offering services and products.

In this article “7 Types Of Websites To Make Money Online” blog, I’m going to share some useful tips and the list of types of websites through which you can start earning decent money online.

7 Types of Websites to Make Money Online:

  1. Informational Blog-sites
  2. E-commerce Websites
  3. Affiliate Marketing Websites
  4. Question & Answers Websites
  5. Coupons/Deals Submissions Websites
  6. Portfolio Websites
  7. Job Portals

Alright!! So, these are the website platforms through which you can earn liquid cash. But the secret ingredients are still far, keep up reading the whole article to reveal them.

Informational Blogging Websites

These are the websites/blogs which are designed and developed to offer some source of information on a particular topic, which can be related to “Education, Sports, Automobiles, Smartphones, Fashion, DIY, Health and Medicines and so on..”

Because they are the open-source of information for everyone and from anywhere, moreover it is the best place for the community bloggers and writers to share their knowledge and ideas to encourage the community.

Benefits: The more community bloggers, the more information to serve, and the more information to serve will lead to an increase in more traffic on the website/blog.

Which can further open the doors for Google AdSense or, can encourage more online sellers (niche-based products and services sellers) to contact you for their product advertisement on your website/blog with some banner advertisement or by a referral link on their website (which are highly paid)?

Important Note: It is important to select one category instead of making a multi-category blog. As per my analysis, single category blogs with all industry-related posts get sooner rankings and earn more than those who are having multiple categories. But in some cases, the situation can get differ, until you have a team of the highly followed industry writers for your multiple category blogs.

E-Commerce Websites

This platform is suitable for those, who are ready to invest first in Website Designing and Development service and thinks to earn only after their website gets ready to sell the stuff. Though, we cannot regret the fact that people are getting more dependable on online shopping websites for their day to day requirements and especially for Technology and Apparels, but we cannot regret one more fact, which is, a lot of competition is waiting for you in the online market and if you want to earn liquid cash, then you need to take SEO services as well, in order to make those products rank.

Benefits: There are various other methods to promote an eCommerce website which is more cost effective and can get you the sales you look for. Also, it can attract more visitors and users towards your website to purchase the products. More Over, this saves you a lot of money in opening a physical retail store, which can cost you much higher than having an online shopping store.

Important Note: eCommerce websites are a great source to earn money from your website, but it needs starting investment to reach that mark. Another factor which impacts your sales would be, how you deal your customers or if you are able to satisfy them. Because of more customer values and satisfaction the more sales you will get from them and from their referrals.

Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliate Marketing is on its heavy right foot these days and many website owners are offering referrals to branded eCommerce Stores, for which they are getting highly paid as per the decided commission to them. For all those who are not aware of Affiliate Marketing, here is a short description for them.

“Affiliate Marketing is a commission based promotion system, which is done by a third party website, to transfer customers and users to other’s peoples’ website products and services.

There are many affiliates who are earning liquid cash with the use of this marketing practice. There are many websites that offer Affiliate Marketing programs and are ready to pay you the commission for the referrals from your website (Only after product purchase), like Amazon Affiliate Program, they are offering up to 10% of advertising fees.

Benefits: The main benefit of this type of money-making marketing practice is that, all you need to have a website (obviously, for which you are reading this post), which can be on any open-source website creation tool like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. It can be easy for you to handle a well and the platforms are also free.

Important Note: Though it seems to be easy, there are things you have to keep in mind.

#1: Be sure for the percent of the commission decided and check regularly if you are getting paid on the basis of that or not, there are many merchants who can pay you less than what has been decided.

#2: Make sure, if someone is not stealing or hijacking your affiliate link to earn his/her own commission.

Question & Answers Websites

Question & Answers submission websites are another great platforms if you want to make use of your unused website in order to turn it completely, into money-making the machine. These websites are mostly like online forums, under which other users share their knowledge and help others by sorting their issues. Here, Q&A websites work like the same. But the major difference between online forums and Q&A websites is that Forums are generally related to a particular niche/industry (which suits them as well), and Q&A websites can be for all types of niches/industry, people can come and ask questions on any topic and others can answer them. This type of website can be a major source to earn profits and it is pretty easy to promote them as well.

Benefits: Unlike forums, which suits more on a particular niche/industry and have only a single door to let people help others, Question & Answer websites can open lots of doors for all types of industries and industrial people to come and share their knowledge to help others, which can attract more and more users and higher regular traffic. And the earnings, you can make from Google AdSense, Banner Ads, Referral Programs, Newsletter Advertising, and more.

Important Note: Remember, it is an open helping platform for all, and anyone from anywhere, at any time and on any topic can post a question or answer a query, for which you need to have a very strong database along with an entire team of designers and developers to handle the website errors and bugs, which is the only major expense.

Coupons/Deals Submission Websites

Coupons and Deals Submission website is another major source to make profits from your website because these platforms allow Small, Medium, and Large business brands to promote their coupon codes or latest deals on the products and services, which is the best platform for them to grab more customers and leads. How can you make a profit in that? That’s pretty simple to understand, you can get paid for those submissions, which can be on weekly basis/limited submissions, monthly basis/limited submissions, Quarterly Basis/limited submissions, half-yearly/limited submissions, or yearly basis/unlimited submissions. It depends on you and more on the reputation of your website, which is analyzed on the basis of daily/monthly traffic stats.

Benefits: Honestly, this is the best earning platform from any website, which can divert fluent cash in your bank accounts. Because every big or small online product or service brand offers some discounts and coupon codes to sell their products and services. The major advantage is, any type of coupon/deal/discount offer can get submit, either it is of clothing, technology products, coupons for Website Hosting plans, or Jewellery.

Important Note: To reach the level, where you can set prices for the merchants, you need to promote your website and the best way to promote it offer free submissions of Coupons and Deals and let others promote them on their social platforms, which will increase your presence in the promoters and once it is done and you are getting a good amount of traffic, then you can monetize it for paid submissions.

Portfolio Websites

Look!! If you are not in a hurry and have that little uncommon will to earn money slowly, then is a platform to earn a profile from your website can be your best friend. Portfolio websites offer a space for others to make their Professional, Personal, or Business profile to show up the talents of people, which is a very attractive thing, especially for the professionals. It can let others highlight their core skills, knowledge, and achievements which can play a critical role in their professional life. And, if that platform once got famous, it can drive thick cash flow, but in a very slow process. Because not everyone will get agree to pay in order to make their profile look more attractive and catchy.


Benefits: The only benefit in terms of profit from portfolio websites is, they can for sure attract more users to create their profiles, but only some of them will get agree to take their personal profiles to the next level. And if we talk about Google Adsense, then also, what you think the ratio of people who can click on the ads, they on your website just to make their profiles and nothing else. But Yes!!! Running ads for other portfolio creation websites or business listing websites can open the doors for you to drive the earnings into your pocket.

Important Note: Designing and Developing a portfolio website, can cost you even more than an eCommerce website. Because portfolio websites offer a platform for the professionals to grab more opportunities and for the business owners it helps to retain clients. Which causes more pressure on the web site engineers to offer a platform which suits every type of portfolio created on your website. This is the main concern and it requires lots of time and effort and money as well.

Job Portal Websites/Online Job Portals

This one is one of my favorite platforms to earn money or make a profit from a website. Online job portals allow other business, organizations, and companies to post their requirement for recruitment and one of the best places after eCommerce website to earn from Google Adsense, Also, though it also needs little cash flow from your wallets to set up the website, you can earn a lot of profit once it is done. The most important fact is that these websites target the age group of 18-45, which is looking for a new job or job change and who can purchase the products through the display advertisement on your job portal.

Another advantage is that you can earn from different companies on the commission basis to post their requirement for a profile they need a fill and for that, you can share those openings to the people related to that profile, which later come to your website for complete JD, which increases the traffic and returning visitors percentage, which can drastically increase your revenues.

Benefits: In terms of monetary benefits, there are several ways you can earn from an online job portal website, which includes Adsense, selling of employee database, selling a package to companies for the best-matched employees which relate to their needs, and lot more other ways. It depends on you how creative methods you find to earn from a Job portal Website.

Important Note: While running a Job Portal website to make cash flow in your bank accounts, make sure to promote your website on both aspects, i.e. Online and Offline, because the more aware people the more profile you will get and the more profiles the more people you can refer to a company for their recruitment process, which can make it easier for them to hire professionals and a service paid for you.


So, you own a website and not getting how to make money from it, then first look for the platform on which you want your website should be and how much expense it will cost to you and what can be the possible outcomes for that. With the above, one thing is clear, you need to invest something little or small, but invested in the right direction can lead you to earn more profits.

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Jeremy Finch March 1, 2017 - 10:57 am

I strongly agree with all the websites you have mentioned above, working on any of these would definitely help in earning dollars. Nice share Mr. Anubhav Garg

Anubhav Garg March 1, 2017 - 11:21 am

Thank you Mr @disqus_E9BEUH6sWH:disqus for sharing your views.

WebClickIndia October 25, 2017 - 12:32 pm

Thanks for sharing the information. I totally agree. You can easily make money online.

Google Marketing Business May 11, 2021 - 11:02 am

Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thank you so much, However I am having issues with your RSS. I don’t understand why I am unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody else getting identical RSS issues? Anyone who knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanks!!

Bus Bedroom November 18, 2021 - 5:34 pm

I was able to find good advice from your blog posts.


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