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6 SEO Trends That Can Impact Your Content Marketing Strategy

by Harneet Bahri
6 SEO Trends That Can Impact Your Content Marketing Strategy

6 SEO Trends That Can Impact Your Content Marketing Strategy

In this new era of digital marketing, every digital marketing company wants to be ahead of the other by knowing and following the latest trends.

If your business doesn’t include SEO strategy, then your business is at serious risk of losing revenue. Here are some of the few big trends that are highlighted by the experts that you should know

Search Has Taken a New Level:

We used to search by typing in a keyword and then, Google used to match and find best fits according to keywords. But now, instead of just typing keywords we can use voice to search on Google which means Google has expanded its dictionary to another level. It can understand similar words used in articles. Keyword Density now has almost very less or no impact. Relevance matters and quality of content matters more.

New Formats Lead to New Opportunities:

Google has started using prediction methods to understand what the user wants. When you type in a name of a recipe for a food product you would be shown video results on top, or if the keywords are related to you want to buy that food from the restaurant, it would automatically show you the list of restaurants nearby.

Though it has not been able to achieve perfection in predicting exactly what users want, it is definitely working on it. It uses users previous searches, present keywords, samples of similar users etc. to provide personalized results to each logged in user. It uses Schema, to better understand web pages and typically rank web pages with Schema higher on particular keywords, as it helps Google’s prediction and relevance criteria.

Paid Search has emerged as Biggest Competitor

Of lately, Google has monetized keywords to the core. I have seen keywords with even 6 and 7 advertisements. Now if you want your website to rank on the first page and 6 spots are occupied by advertisements, it can become increasingly hard to rank on the first page and with Google testing out new feature, where it will rank advertisement in between the organic results with just an ad label on the side to differentiate, it would be even more difficult to rank.

This means, your content would need to very good with high relevance in order to rank.

Marketers Should Go for Long-Term Benefits:

In the short term, PPC can get desired results, but it proves too be an expensive strategy. Paying to get your goal is a good start but for the long term, you want your inbound marketing strategy to be successful. If you put your SEO in right time and budget, it is going to be great for your future sales and brand.

Content Marketing Has Bright Future:

There is one thing that becomes clear, content marketing is going to be an important strategy that will have to go hand in hand with SEO strategy to be successful. Quality and relevant content are and always will be the key. With great content, you are not only able to rank higher but you are also able to make sure that you are able to engage users on websites.

Fundamentals are Shifting from creating content for Bots to how users like it

Google has been consistently working on shifting its algorithm. It used to rank content created for bots higher, but with upgrades, it has now started factoring in page speed, user engagement, quality of content, the relevance of content and gives more weight to them than any other factors. It also has started realizing that businesses used link building strategy and were able to rank a lot higher.

Therefore, it now gives weight to the quality of links rather than links in comments, profiles etc and is consistently improving checks to see if the link is spammy or not.

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