2017-2018 List-Top Ten Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Top Ten Digital Marketing Agencies in India As per stats published by AdageIndia on Digital Marketing budget, they stated around 80% of the companies will increase Digital Marketing budgets in the coming years and as per the stats published by Forbes, the USA’s Digital Marketing industry will spend nearly $120 Billion By 2021 which is really high and clearly indicates how competitive online […]

What is Alexa Ranking?

What is Alexa Ranking  in SEO? What is Alexa Ranking  in SEO? Alexa Ranking is the country and global based ranking algorithm for websites, which measure a website traffic in terms of unique traffic/visits received by it per day from different IP Addresses. This is an algorithm of traffic stats developed by Alexa which measures the traffic for only TLD (Top Level Domain) like; “example.com” or “abcd.com”. […]

Company And Brand Profile Creation Websites List 2017-2018

Company And Brand Profile Creation Websites List 2017-2018 Company/Brand profile creation websites play one of the most critical roles in the branding for online platforms. Curating profiles on these platforms not only helps in getting an authority backlink but also helps in improving online search visibility, resulting in more organic traffic and genuine user queries. Below Mentioned are Some Major Advantages […]

Closing down for a day – Without affecting site search presence

Recently, John Muller a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google shared his latest blog post explaining some possible ways on how Developers and Digital Marketers could handle site closures without affecting its online search presence. These closures may include the situations when websites that are under maintenance, moving of database or any other reason. John focused on below mentioned three options. Block cart […]