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10 Big Career Options in Digital Marketing

by Anubhav Garg
10 Big Career Options in Digital Marketing

The world is going digital, and the companies across India are stressing upon building a credible presence online. Every traditional brick and morter business is viewing the benefits of digital marketing for staying at the top.

Digital Marketing involves the use of digital mediums and tactics to connect and influence targeted and potential customers at the place where they spend most of their time i.e. the Internet.

With technology getting more and more dynamic every day and the world going digital, professional digital marketing is likely to involve in multiple aspects of marketing.

The number of internet users is predicted to reach 974.86 billion by 2025.

Online marketing is a cheaper method with maximum reach. This is the most adopted method by the companies for reaching out to their customers in the least amount of costs.

The companies are shifting their marketing approach from traditional to digital. The ad spends is bound to reach 25000 crores by 2021.

Digital marketing and majorly SEO Services are continuously changing and the Voice searches, Virtual reality, and Artificial Intelligence will cover the maximum space.

Individuals adopting digital marketing as a career need to be acquainted with the demands of the customers and the behavior online for becoming a successful digital marketer.

If ever there was a time for digital marketing to come to the fore, it is now.  Social media will become all the more important. The consumers will emerge with different needs and priorities post COVID, this could impact the whole scenario of how they spend money. The data-oriented approach makes it easier to identify and define the targeted audience.

Marketing automation, Brand Management, content management, marketing strategy, content curation Digital Marketing Analyst, SEM, SEO Analyst, PPC marketing Analyst, Social Media Associate, Marketing and Automation Analyst, Social Media Analyst Growth Marketing Analyst Mobile Marketing,  constitute as the major job prospects in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing has established its dominance in the corporate and online business world and proved a crucial strategy in the growth of a business. This is why students from different streams are choosing digital marketing as a career option.

A successful digital marketing professional is the one who is self- motivated to learn about the latest trends in the respective industry, enthusiastic about building a favorable brand image, and passionate about building a long-lasting relationship with the customers.

A digital marketing professional bears the power of the internet for posting blogs; conduct advertising campaigns, creating interesting social media posts, and blog posting.

Digital Marketing Consultant

A digital Marketing Consultant looks after the overall marketing development and devises strategies that will drive more traffic, undertake digital marketing campaigns, and improve website structure and update it with the latest trends online.

The role requires one to be adept at enhancing brand awareness, driving traffic to the company’s website, and generating leads. He focuses on improving online marketing efforts through website banner ads, social media ads, and online branding.

“According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, by 2021, 829 million Indians (59 percent of the population) are expected to use the internet on a daily basis. Out of above 829 million, 79% will access the internet through mobile”

Digital Marketing Consultant Roles:

  1. Developing customized marketing plans and strategies for the products and services a company sells by using various digital marketing technologies.
  2. Coordinating with the development team to guide on creating proper landing pages
  3. Performing keywords analysis and competitor research to further find out the ways to improve the website’s rankings over search.

Digital Marketing Consultant Responsibilities:

  1. Website improvement suggestions
  2. identify opportunities to increase customer engagement
  3. Implement areas of improvement in SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing
  4. Suggest or implement with the practices to increase website conversion rate

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Associate is required to keep a check on the latest social media trends and plan strategies accordingly. It is important for creating content based on the trends going on.

Creativity and knowledge about the social media platforms and the timing to post are important for a social media manager to create impactful and engaging posts.


The freelance industry is booming today with 56.7 million Americans adopting freelancing today that used to be 3.7 million a few years back.

More and more businesses are looking for a digital marketing specialist to help them deliver important insights. One needs to remain competitive and ahead of the trends for being a successful freelancer.

Coaching Institute Trainer

An individual sharing a proven record in digital marketing training and have complete knowledge of digital marketing and working experience in areas like SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, and Social Media can become a coaching institute trainer.

One needs to have exceptional organizational skills, inquisitive nature to data and analytical skills, excellent verbal communication skills, ability to simplify a technical jargon, proactive approach to training all types of students and audience.

Corporate Trainer

It is one of the most demanding careers in digital marketing. A Corporate trainer trains the companies about reaching new leads, customer acquisition, negotiation and pricing strategies, building a brand as a speaker, and growth hacking strategies.

He by identifying the most business requirements acquaints the companies with suitable business modules. Online Reputation Management, social media marketing, Google Analytics, Pay Per Click Advertising accounts for the major modules under the Corporate digital training program.

Professional Blogger

A blogger is someone who produces content in the form of blogs and articles for providing value to the audience and educating them.

A blogger needs to be professional in writing, editing, marketing, photography, networking, admin management, and the skillset for working with big brands.

Advertising, affiliate links, donations, e-books, online courses, is something how bloggers make money. Content promotion and a variety of other skills are considered necessary for turning blogging into a full-time job.

Content writing, copywriting, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, SEO, and Social Media accounts for major skills of a professional blogger.

Content Marketer

If you think you can write better than what is already on the web, then you are perfect for this role. A content marketer is entrusted with the responsibility of creating content that has qualities of going viral, following the content trends, and creating content accordingly.

To get into content marketing you need to be extremely creative with the words and innovative with ideas along with impeccable English.

It is one of the most booming fields in digital marketing. Blog handling, managing guest posts, sales page, and copywriting, etc. account for the major tasks of a content marketer.  A content marketer having 3 years of experience can earn up to 2-4 lacks per annum.

To quote insights from Demand Metrics,

“In comparison to traditional marketing programs, content marketing costs 62% less and generates approximately three times the volume of leads.”

Affiliate Marketer

An Affiliate Marketer is responsible for handling the business relationships between an online retailer and its marketing affiliates. The affiliate marketers earn a commission for driving sales traffic to the online retailer’s products and services.

He is responsible for implementing new marketing strategies, recruiting new affiliates, monitoring affiliates, and should be familiar with the affiliate marketing networks, excellent time and project management skills, decision making, problem- solving, and campaign preparation and management skills.

A bachelor in marketing or advertising is preferable for opting for Affiliate Marketing as a career.  The average salary of an Affiliate Marketer in India is 5 lakh per year.

Video Marketer/ Youtuber

Video marketing is used to build a brand reputation and promoting the brand, services, and products. A video Marketer produces and directs the content of a video.

He focuses on creating a video that aligns well with the organization’s objectives. Creativity, strategic thinking, Configuration after the complete analysis of demography, and projections account for the most important skills for making a successful career in video marketing.

Become Entrepreneur

If you want to become a digital marketing entrepreneur, you need to be adept at business skills, marketing skills, campaigning skills, networking, automation, designing, analytics, and technical knowledge about CSS and HTML platforms. Entrepreneurship is for everyone but not everyone will up for sacrificing what it takes.

These are 10 Major careers in Digital Marketing. It is a vast field; the individuals can choose a field by grasping the inclining curve of interest.

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